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Be Covered at Every Altitude

What’s in a number? When it comes to flight altitude, a lot! We have times when we need to get low for the great building or skyline shot. And other times, we are soaring up to 3000′ & 4000′ to capture large areas and projects. In order to do this, we use multiple aerial platforms to get the job done. Learn which ones are best from Owner & Flight Commander, Wendy Whittemore. The is no bad altitude (only bad attitude!)



Drone hovers before going on a mission - Aerial Innovations Southeast - offices in Nashville and Atlanta.

Why Drones Can Cost More

When I first started with Aerial Innovations, I was surprised how inexpensive the photography services were. I soon found out it was because we could share the cost expensive of…

Flight Hours Matter

Think the FAA has a perfect system for monitoring, licensing and enforcing drone regulations? Think again. The agency has been reactionary to a lot of drone advances in the marketplace.…

5 Drone Related Skills to Master

You've heard of multi-tasking; doing several things poorly at once. How about drone-tasking? No? Well, I just made it up. But it may be a fitting way to describe how…