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Women Who Lead

Did you know that all of the sister companies of the Aerial Innovation’s brand have been woman owned since day one? Our founders and owners have created a community environment that we hate to call work because we get so much out of it. Our teams and communities work together to help us excel in this industry. Very few photography companies have lasted this long and we believe we’ll last well beyond where we are now.

In our new brand video, we celebrate the owners and founders of the Georgia and Tennessee offices. They have come a long way to where they are now, overcoming obstacles like September 11, floods and an economic crisis. What got them through the tough times? Relying on each other, our systems, our teams and dedicated clients that know we deliver great imagery every time.



Time to Remember

One thing we love about the end of the year is a chance to look back on all of the great photographs we have captured throughout the year.  We are…

Fall into the Southeast

Leaves are just starting to change here in the Southeast. We still have our warm days, long evenings and mosquitoes to deal with but not for long. We always look…

Flight Hours Matter

Think the FAA has a perfect system for monitoring, licensing and enforcing drone regulations? Think again. The agency has been reactionary to a lot of drone advances in the marketplace.…