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Time to Remember

One thing we love about the end of the year is a chance to look back on all of the great photographs we have captured throughout the year.  We are busy flying and delivering final images that we sometimes don’t stop to really look at our favorites. Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll do just that and share our as many as we can with you.

Sometimes it’s not clear why we are drawn to an image of commissioned photography. There are a lot of factors including what the subject is and even who the client is.

We had a great time returning to Music City Center for some updates and shooting a Nashville project for one of our favorite Memphis clients. And some projects it’s so easy to get a great shot. The Vanderbilt Dorms are amazing in person and how fun is an Elementary School?! And always love finding interesting angles on simple projects.

#architecturalphotography #nashvillephotography


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