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5 Marketing Resolutions for 2015

Blue Angel

Happy New Year, everyone! If you are like us, you are working on a list of resolutions…crossing some off, adding more than you can handle, revising…then trying to stick to at least one. It’s a good exercise, and we can help with some of your Marketing Resolutions. We hear these topics often from clients who “wished” they would have planned for great photos before it’s too late,.

1. I resolve to get my photos taken in a timely manner. (All jobs come to an end. Most have a sweet spot when construction is done (and cleaned up) and before the owners move in. This is a great time to schedule your photos. They will reflect the best of your project and you’ll have them in time for award season. Meet with your photographer to schedule these jobs ahead of time.)

2. I resolve to get my photo files organized. (Do you search for important images in folders that are misnamed, have irrelevant photos in them (like someone’s baby pics??) or are your file names misleading? We have a lot of experience working with thousands of image files. The key is to name by date and project and stay consistent. Create a workflow for your team and you’ll never search again. Let us know and we’ll give you a sneak peek into our process.)

3. I resolve to document our important projects not using my cell phone. (Ok, maybe you don’t do this but so many times we will see great projects represented in an ad or presentation by a photo we know was taken by phone…and these are the final photos! For construction documentation, this is fine but for those final images that represent your work, look into hiring a professional. No matter where your job is, we have contacts that can help. Now, put down the phone….)

4. I resolve to photograph key events. (Every job has key moments from groundbreaking to topping out and grand openings. We have taken part in many of these but wonder about all the other jobs that are deemed to small for big events. Get out with your camera for a big concrete pour or a tour by the owner on any size job. You will be creating marketing images you can use and telling the story of your company. For the big stuff, let us know, our cameras work at events as well as in the air.)

5. I resolve to use Aerial Innovations for all my photography needs. (Ok, shameless plug, but we are on a mission to let our clients know that we provide more than our name implies. Several clients have found our secret to great ground photography as well as our ability to do video, lift and twilight photography and key events. Visit our web site or call 615-650-2002 to discuss your needs. We resolve to make your images the best possible)

Now, get out there and have a great 2015!!

Wendy Whittemore

Flight Commander – Aerial Innovations of TN & KY, Inc.