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A Second Look

We are so excited about our new flying girl logo and thought our fans would like to know where and when she came from. A brief history of our brand will reveal what we know about Aerial. (the rest you will have to guess…!)

In 1987, Colette Eddy founded Aerial Innovations, Inc. with the intention of providing quality images and superior customer service. As the web site states, they went to great lengths (and heights) to capture the perfect shot. Wildly successful from even before they took to the sky, Aerial Innovations in Tampa has just celebrated their 25th year in business.

Fast forward to 1991 when Sheri Christianson, a top seller for Aerial Innovations, relocated to Georgia and brought the Aerial Innovations brand to Atlanta. Sheri and her team covered such large projects as the 1996 Summer Olympics and the Georgia Dome. Sheri was also the creator of the first “fly girl” based on a sketch.  The first fly girl was so much fun that Florida got a fly girl of their own.

Fast forward to 2003 when Wendy Whittemore, a photographer for Aerial Georgia, relocated to Tennessee and brought…well, I think you know. Everywhere the Aerial Innovations brand lands, you can count on great images and great service… and now, to come full circle, the fly girl has come to Tennessee with an updated look and a digital camera.

With a cohesive look, over 50 years in combined experience and as pillars in the construction & real estate industries, the sky is not the limit for these fly girls. Look for more of Aerial Innovations branding where ever you go. And remember to look up and smile for the camera!