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A Very Aerial Holiday Party

“I feel sorry for the person who can’t get genuinely excited about his work. Not only will he never be satisfied, but he will never achieve anything worthwhile.”
— Walter Chrysler

When your office holiday party comes around every year, are you excited? Does it seem laborious to spend more time with your coworkers than you already do? Because at Aerial Innovations, our team absolutely disagrees with that stereotypical work environment.

Tucked away in the most inviting home-turned-office in East Nashville, is home base for Aerial Innovations’ team of eclectic individuals. With very creative minds, outgoing personalities and incredible work ethics combined, the conversation never dulls down. We sincerely enjoy each other’s company at work, making the office holiday party an event that everyone truly looks forward to.

On December 16, Flight Commander Wendy Whittemore, hosted the holiday party at her beautiful home in East Nashville. With East Nashville’s own Monell’s Restaurant catering to our Southern food cravings and a bonfire burning in the spacious backyard, the evening was the perfect celebration. Trips to The Chattanoogan Hotel and lovely evenings at the Nashville Symphony were just some of the generous presents from our fearless leader during the gift exchange. Rather than doing Christmas bonuses like most companies, Wendy showed each employee true appreciation with thoughtfully planned get away gifts specially chosen for each individual.

The holidays are about showing appreciation for your loved ones and spending time with the people who make you the happiest. With the team we have at Aerial Innovations, the feelings of appreciation and thanks come naturally year round, making the holiday office party feel like the family is getting together. This year’s holiday party truly brought the team together, reminding us just how thankful we all are to truly love what we do & the people we do it with.

* Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from our team to yours *

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