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Back to Blogs Aerial Photo of Complex Highway System

All in the Family

We found some old photos of my grandfather, Herbert Whittemore, after he passed away several years ago. In one of the photos, he is seen standing on the Fox Point Hurricane Barrier in Providence, Rhode Island which he helped to design. From 1936 – 1970 he was with the Army Corps of Engineers, his final title was the Chief of the Structural Section.

The images are amazing to me as they show part of a major construction project that he was involved in as well as show the progress of the barrier as it moves from open (during most of the year) to closed (when hurricanes would threaten the harbor.)  Construction just must be in my blood!  And the art of photography has always held a scientific element…using the physics of light, color and spacial relationships to create an image.

Within my family are several other engineers including my cousin Scott Whittemore who is a safety engineer at the Federal Highway Administration…wondering how he’s handling the stimulus package?

Engineering has always been a mystery to me, one that the men in my family spoke a similar language about.  In documenting construction, the arts of architecture, engineering and construction meet to form our subject…thankfully I only have to capture it!

Enjoy the photos!

Wendy Whittemore, Aerial Innovations of Tennessee, Inc.