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Below the Radar

What goes on below 500’? Some spectacular low level aerial imagery! This past month, Aerial Innovations teamed with a seasoned octocopter operator to capture stills and video of a very difficult building to shoot. We did ground shoots and aerials but because the front façade sat close to a steep hill, we figured the best option was some low level aerials.

The client’s needs dictated our choice of aircraft. Because they needed large image files and high definition video, we could not shoot with the smaller RC models that only carry go-pro type cameras and are all the rage right now. The larger octocopter is able to carry a full size DSLR and capture the high quality imagery that Aerial Innovations provides. With the client on site, we were able to create custom views and get immediate approval. The only drawback was all the battery changes…we could have flown all day!

We look forward to adopting this technology to provide clients with images from the ground up, including from 20-500’! Our Images are Your Image.

Link to the video to see the details of our shoot.


Wendy Whittemore

flight commander