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Once a month we are heard on the airwaves over Atlanta International Airport, “Harstfield Tower this is Helicopter four four two Mike Whiskey. Request photo flight in Class B” As one of the busiest airports in the world, you can bet there has been some construction over the years at Hartsfield International.

Starting waaaay back in 1992 (with film cameras!) we started photographing projects on and near the field. Holder Construction began with the new E Concourse and we are still there is NSMS Joint Venture photographing the new modernizations at the North & South Terminals.

We are able to also provide our clients with help matching their required percentages for DBE participation. Aerial Innovations Southeast has been a certified WBE with the Airport since the 1990s.

Capturing the Big Picture

This has been no easy feat. Early on, we coordinated with the tower on the best time of day, when they would be least busy. After September 11th, 2001, we were required to file a flight plan due to new security regulations. Now with the rise of the drones, a manned helicopter is by far the safest & easiest way to work around the 5 runways and countless aircraft at Hartsfield.

The Outcome

Occasionally we get to go to the airport on ground missions as well. We were excited to shoot interior photographs after the International Terminal was completed. And we even visited the Control Tower recently with our Pilot, Ron Carroll, and a few dozen donuts to thank them for all of their help over the years!

What excellent shots – some of the best sub-contract work I’ve received…the light and framing were right-on. The client said, “Wow! Nice job.

- Curt Waltz – Aerial Scapes