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Did Someone Say Bourbon?

We had a blast last week at the 2015 TN KY ICSC Idea Exchange in Louisville. If that sounds like alphabet soup, it is! But this soup brings together all different kinds of people in our industry to learn about our fast growing retail markets. This year the focus was Bourbon (yeah! we are in!) First a tour at Buffalo Trace Distillery in Franklin, TN (Images are below). Any time you are at a Distillery is a good time and Buffalo Trace was a beautiful facility with nice, knowledgeable folks. We recommend picking up a bottle or two.

Next, some networking at 21C Hotel and Museum. Great contemporary art made a spectacular background  to catching up with old friends and meeting new people. During our time at the conference, we were asked a lot about the hottest topic in our industry, UAS or Drone use for marketing real estate. Wendy led a round table discussion that answered a lot of questions and cleared misinformation that is flying around (literally!) For more information about our entry into this market, call or email us.

The last day we got to hear the key note speakers, Fred Noe with Jim Beam and Corky Taylor who is reviving the Peerless Bourbon brand. That talk was entertaining to say the least! Thanks to everyone who made us feel welcome…we look forward to hosting in Nashville 2016. One word – Pedal Taverns

Wendy Whittemore – Flight Commander

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