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Garbage In, Garbage Out – Part 5 of 6

We all know the old adage “Garbage In, Garbage Out” referring to the quality of output  based on the quality of input. A great metaphor for computing, coding and business analysis. And image capture, not necessarily the subject but the way the subject is captured with all this latest technology. At Aerial Innovations, we always strive to capture quality images and video. We do this by using professional equipment with trained photographers and camera operators.

In our usual camera set up we are using full size DSLRs up to 36 megapixels for ground and aerial capture. With the camera system on our Inspire drone, we have dropped down to 12 megapixels. Still a lot better than many of the cameras integrated with the drones but nothing compared to a full frame DSLR. There is a 16 megapixel option which is getting closer.

There are other considerations for image quality besides megapixels. We have been educating clients for years on the differences in lenses, post processing, file sizes, file formats and stabilization for video. All of these things are crucial for a quality capture. The best quality camera out there can still take a crummy photo if the settings are wrong or there is a defect in the equipment.

As we are increasing our offerings, the need to control quality is even more prevalent.We spent a day last week reviewing our image capture and production systems at Drone Camp (complete with a field day!). We are learning that to capture quality footage with the drone, communication between the pilot and operator is key to getting the best shots safely.

When asking yourself if you are getting the quality you want, there are so many questions to address. It’s not just about camera size or having the latest gear or paying lots of money for any of it. It’s about the attention to detail and communication that matters the most.

Wendy Whittemore

Flight Commander – Aerial Innovations of TN, Inc.