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Governor Aloft

I had a surprise co-pilot on our last regular progress flight——The Governor of Georgia, Mr. Sonny Perdue!!

My pilot, Ron Carroll of Blue Ridge Helicopters, had not informed me who was going to ride along with us on this particular day. As we approached a landing site I realized it was a suspiciously familiar helipad in downtown Atlanta. I asked Ron, “Isn’t this the Governors helipad? Ron said, “Yep”, holding in a Cheshire grin…..as I reached for my lipstick!

Out came security and Mr. Sonny Perdue! Sonny flew with us for 4 hours over Hartsfield Airport and all around Atlanta. The Governor is a pretty good darn pilot. He did tell me, “If there is anything wrong with the photos because of my flying, blame it on me”, to which I said “You got it!”, (my customers did enjoy the story and cut me some slack on a few of the views). Come to find out he is a highly rated fixed wing pilot, with a commercial mutli-engine instrument rating and is working on his private helicopter license with Ron.

As for me, I might have to start dressing a little nicer when we go flying!

Posted by Sheri Christianson – Owner, Aerial Innovations of GA, Inc.

Sonny Perdue on his solo flight
Sonny Perdue on his solo flight
Pilot Ron Carroll with student Sonny Perdue.
Pilot Ron Carroll with student Sonny Perdue.