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It’s my birthday, too, yeah!

It’s birthday month around here…with five of us getting a year older, we thought it would be a good time to highlight some of the members of the flight team that make the magic happen.

All Systems Go! Tiffany is our production/photographer/wrangler on all things aerial and ground. She is the main contact with our clients and photographers and makes all of our images look great before sending them out. Here’s Tiffany on one of her many flights with Lynse in the back seat. Tiffany celebrated back in October with a low key party with her family.


Now for the person behind the camera; Rick! The guy who flies, the man on the ground. Rick is all about the perfect shot, either in the air or on the ground, he will always get the shot whatever it takes. We sure have kept him busy over the last few months, hope he had time to celebrate his day earlier this month. Thanks for all you do Rick!

Photo by Anna Stout


Ron’s birthday was earlier in October but he celebrates every day like it’s his birthday…or that he’s on a beach. We love the laid back demeanor of our go to videographer and editor. Ron has been cranking out some great clips of construction, Nashville landmarks and lots of drone footage. When he’s not chained to the Premiere Editing suite, he gets to play with Paul and the drone. Keep it laid back, Ron!! Here’s Ron & Paul on a recent shoot


Perfect segway to say Happy Birthday to Paul…coming up this week! Paul is in his happy place when the drone is up and all signals are good. He has been operating for us over 2 years now (yay!) and can handle pretty much any situation we throw at him…over water and a big bridge, check, down a closed highway with equipment all around, check, cold of winter, hot of summer…bring it all on. We love your dedication, Paul, Happy Birthday

Did I say five birthdays? Who am I forgetting? oh…our office princess turns 3 this year! We love having Olivia Grace come visit us from time to time. Here she is asking the boss for a raise. To all of those celebrating Fall Birthdays, enjoy!