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Lindsay in NYC

This is my blog. This is my very first blog so please bear with me. Over New Years I found myself in the big city lights of New York, NY. Wow what a treat for this small town girl! Riding the subway, going to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, THE PIZZA, THE SHOPPING, and fast-paced shuffle of cab horns and crowds made a city girl out of me for four days. It was such a good time I decided to “blog” it. I can now call myself a “blogger”. I now see for obvious reasons why my journey in life and work has led me to Aerial Innovations; I need to learn how to take a decent photo. For those of you interested, there were only 6 suitable for posting. I thought when I took my pictures they were good! The display on my Kodak 36 mm made my photos look great. Only after coming back to work did I realize my little camera and my picture taking skills need some focus….no pun intended. All in all, New York was such an amazing experience and I wanted to use this forum to share with anyone interested. Amazing as it was I was glad to be back with my gals at AI. And also more interested than ever, am I, in learning from these talented photographers. Thanks for listening…..or reading, rather. Watch for my progression as a decent photographer.