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More Confusion? The FAA Part 107

This past week the FAA revealed their next steps (Part 107) to making it easier to operate drones for commercial purposes. These new regulations are to take the place of the fairly strict 333 Waiver process. What does this mean for our company and the industry?  Although we have not read all 600 plus pages of Part 107, we have been distilling the implications. Here are the highlights.

  • Part 107 Regulations will take affect in Late August 2016
  • With a 333 Waiver, you must have a minimum of a private pilot’s license in order to operate for commercial purposes. Under Part 107, there will be an air worthiness test that must be passed in order to get a certificate to operate for commercial purposes. This will make it easier to become a professional drone operator but you still must pass the test, be cleared by the TSA and follow flight rules.
  • No operation over 400′ or at night. There will be an online waiver system to apply for an exemption to this rule but it is not up and running yet.
  • Part 107 applies to drones weighing 55 lbs or less. There is no indication in Part 107 about restrictions for micro-drones (under 5lbs) but that should be expected next.
  • No operation in Part A, B, C or D airspace which is around most airports without an additional waiver and permission from ATC (Air Traffic Control)

As usual, there are a lot of updates and blogs and media posts about the FAA’s announcements. We will continue to monitor the FAA’s website as well as reputable posts to keep you updated. Be aware that there can be a lot of misinformation out there. Here are some good links to keep: