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Our Top 5 – #2 Amazing Events

The summer of 2017 brought us the term “the path of totality”. We were very lucky to both witness a total eclipse of the sun here in Middle TN but be in the area where it would be the darkest the longest. For weeks everyone prepared and got their spots lined up. Our photographers were everywhere from north of Nashville, in Kentucky to downtown with the crowds. Below are a few images from that day.

We also had a personal event that was amazing, our show opening at the Lexus of Nashville dealership. Although not the crowd size that the eclipse had, we had enough clients, friends and family to put on one of the best openings that Lexus had seen. The images will be up through the end of February in case you missed it.

Both events were great fun and a nice break to our normal routine..which is anything but normal when you are flying around! FYI we stayed safely on the ground for the eclipse, sometimes standing still is eventful enough!

Full Eclipse Image and Shadow Image by Rick Smith