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Simplify Your Photo Workflow

When was the last time you downloaded photos off your phone to make space? Never? Do you just delete them and hope for the best? Or vacation photos…how long after a trip before you finally get some prints made? At Aerial Innovations, we take thousands of photos monthly and have developed a very simple yet thorough way to manage a large database of photos.

There are several strategies to simplify your photo workflow that will be outlined in following weekly posts. From downloading to renaming, each step is important if you want to create a useful image database with easy to find images. To start:

  1. Set up a system and decide what programs, drives and devices you will need. How are you downloading images? Directly to a server, onto a hard drive or through the cloud? Make an outline and map the steps from when you capture an image until you use it.
  2. Set your camera with the correct date & copyright data. The camera records important info directly to the file that photo programs will read. *ProTip – you can set your camera to rename images with sequential numbers which can save time later.
  3. Create a place for your archives. Archive the images that come directly out of the camera to the same place each time. You can rename these original images but keep them in their original state. Any changes should be made on a copy.
  4. Create a system of steps for your ingestion. Ingesting images are when you import, rename and create copies for editing. Adobe Lightroom is the program we use for most of this work and we also use Photoshop for detailed edits. You can purchase a subscription to the Adobe’s Creative Cloud for these programs and more.

In the next posts, we will talk about renaming images, useful online tools and the best system for backing up your archives.

Owner Wendy Whittemore of Aerial Innovations TN.KY.AL