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The True Cost of Drones – Part 3 of 6

“You are going to save sooo much money with drones!”  Hmmm…let’s break that down. At Aerial Innovations, we currently use multiple platforms for our aerial images and drones are not always the cheapest. Our experience has taught us that you get what you pay for. Here are some situations where you may save some money.

  • Aerial Video – In the past, this was a huge cumbersome job that required additional stabilization equipment, larger helicopters and a bunch of coordination. We loved it but didn’t sell it often. Now, we have a much easier, less expensive way to capture smooth, stable imagery. I’m drooling just thinking about it.
  • Balcony Views – These are images that are used to market high rise buildings. Developers want to sell “The View”…and how can we get to 40 feet over the middle of downtown in a helicopter? Big no-no. Small blimps have been used but now, we have the ability to fly from 10′ – 400′ over a proposed site and show the potential of a development. Sweeeeeeeet.

Exactly where are you going to end up spending more money on a drone?

  • Aerial Progress Photography – we have become extremely efficient at capturing monthly progress photos around TN & KY.  The volume that we can handle in one hour in a fixed wing or helicopter far out paces being on the ground going job to job. I asked one client, “If you have a drone, why would you hire us?” His answer, “I have one drone and 40 jobs. You do the math.” Point well taken.
  • High Altitude (over 500′) Real Estate Shots – well, you may not spend more money unless Uncle FAA finds out and then the fine will put you in the red. By the FAA’s count, they are getting multiple sightings by aircraft over 500′ every day. Not only is this dangerous, it’s against the law. Once you see a bird strike while in an aircraft, you will understand. The Wild Blue Yonder is not as big and blue as we think it is.

I am sure I am leaving out lots of ways to save or overspend on a drone, but those are our most widely used products. We are not in the business of spending your money but in the business of providing the best platform to capture your images. And if it costs a little more but keeps us safe, we’re all for it.

Wendy Whittemore

Flight Commander – Aerial Innovations of TN, Inc.

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