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weekly drone myth – the rules don’t apply

I wasn’t going to touch on regulations 2 weeks out of 3, but this news article about illegal flying this past week in Nashville caught our attention as a case study in what NOT to do.

drone myth – the rules don’t apply to me because ________ (fill in the blank).

What is your fill-in-the blank? Are you a hobbyist that just flies for fun…but happens to be around a building your friend is selling? Or are you flying for a company that isn’t necessarily paying you to fly…but still using the images you take? Or do you think that the product will outweigh the consequences…if there are any?

This gentleman in Nashville found out there are consequences. In his flight, he blatantly disobeyed at least 5 regulations that pertain to both hobbyists and commercial operators. I say blatant because at this point in the game if you haven’t made an effort to find out what the regulations are then why are you flying at all?

for operators: don’t be that guy

I tend to say I am not on a mission to save us from drones but to save drones from us. It’s up to us as responsible operators to know and follow the regulations and to self report. This is the line of defense we can create to help keep us all flying. Once an incident occurs (injury, major damage, even death) then the regulations will come fast and furious and will be out of our hands. Let’s not be that guy….that ruins it for the rest. Safe flying everyone!!

Drone image of mid-town Nashville at twilight. Photo by Aerial Innovations of TN.