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How Will You Serve?

Remembering the Nashville Flood

Nine years ago this May, the city of Nashville suffered widespread flooding. It affected many areas; urban, rural, exclusive neighborhoods and those just next door. In East Nashville, we lost our local airport and some friends lost everything. Within a few hours, neighbors came together to help; rescuing those stranded, giving them food & shelter, then cleaning up the wreckage.

As a small company, our best resource to help was our people. Each one of us felt the need to take our two hands to help in any way possible. As the owner, I made a decision to pay a day’s wage for any volunteer work each of us did. It wasn’t much, but it helped a few people who could then help others.

Serving Our Communities

It’s in this spirit we are embarking on a year of service in both of our offices called How Will You Serve? While there is no immediate catastrophe like a flood, there are organizations helping our neighbors in need every day. Each one of us will have access to a paid day off or $200 to help fundraise and support our individual causes.

In turn, we’ll share the mission of our chosen organizations and ways you can help. From pet shelters to helping our military families to the jungles of Ecuador, it doesn’t have to take a village, just a few of us to help in any way we can. How will you serve?

Wendy Whittemore – Owner Aerial Innovations Southeast, Inc.


Erick Paradizo & Wendy Whittemore flying together on an Aerial Innovations Southeast photoshoot

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