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When we’re not capturing aerial images of buildings and landscapes from up in the sky, or operating a drone that’s doing the same, we take pictures and videos from the ground. Aerial Innovations Southeast offers commercial photography and videography services with marketing intent. We specialize in exterior architectural photography as well as interior architectural photography. Photos and videos of this sort are centered around capturing the perfect images, in the perfect light.

Our clients want to showcase the ins and outs of their building and business, and we want to help them. Our commercial photography and videography services result in polished marketing materials. It’s important that marketing materials be visually appealing and display attention to detail. In these cases, the best solution for capturing aerial images that best serve our clients is to grab the camera, get on an airplane, and take flight. The primary camera we use to capture aerial images is the Canon 5D Mark IV.

Before the photoshoot even takes place, we scout the location to make sure we photograph the building in the best possible lighting conditions. Time of day, the direction the building faces, prominent landscaping, notable features, and surroundings – these are just some of the factors that we consider prior to the shoot. By planning ahead we are able to show up with a crystal clear idea of how the shoot needs to go. This way we don’t waste time and are able to get down to business. We want all of our focus and attention to be on capturing images that show off the building’s best architectural and environmental attributes.


architectural photography

architectural photography

In order to deliver the highest quality photos and videos to our clients, knowing they’l be used for marketing purposes, we perfect images in post-production. A great photo is enhanced to be as compelling as possible. The post-production part of the process involves touch ups, removal of imperfections, color enhancement, and more.


The Wabash Building in Nashville, TN

Another function of our professional photography and video services is for the purpose of documentation. When people are looking to buy or sell a property, it’s often necessary to have photos that document the different facets of the building – interior and exterior – as well as the surrounding landscape.


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Music City Center in Downtown Nashville

interior/exterior photography

interior/exterior photography

Contact Aerial Innovations Southeast to learn about how our commercial photography and video services can help you with showcasing, marketing, and documenting your business. These professional quality images will highlight and showcase your business in a way that makes you proud.


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Alarka Apartments in North Carolina

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