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Aerial Innovations Southeast offers premier Drone Photography and Drone Video Services to the Southeastern United States. With offices headquartered in Nashville and Atlanta, our coverage area includes Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, and Georgia. If you need high-quality aerial photos or videos, you can count on us to provide the right perspective.

The Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) or drone has gained widespread use in construction, real estate, and marketing applications. Aerial Innovations Southeast was an early adopter and has provided high-quality drone services since 2015.

We use fully licensed pilots with real-world experience. Our drone fleet (mainly DJI products) is up-to-date and ready to fly. Each flight is carefully planned and executed according to local and federal jurisdictions. A few other things that set us apart:

  • Able to complete entire projects, including post-production and editing
  • Multiple qualified pilots throughout the southeast for quick turnaround
  • Drone Deploy Capabilities
  • Able to execute FPV (First Person View), Night Time Flights, and Flights over people

Drone Photo + Video services

drone photography

drone photography

One of the many benefits of using Aerial Southeast for all of your Drone Photography needs is that we operate as a team. We were early adopters of using drones for professional and commercial photography. Many drone operators are a one-person show – a single camera and a single drone.

This is not the case with us. We employ multiple drone operators, multiple cameras, and multiple drones. This allows us to cater our approach to the work you need to be completed. We are a versatile team of experts that love what we do.

Drones are required by law to operate at a relatively low altitude. Fortunately, a low altitude allows for highly detailed aerial images that aren’t possible from an airplane. Airplanes and helicopters move too fast for this time of detailed work. Drones offer a lot of control, flexibility, and stability when capturing aerial photos. We also use them when capturing orthomosaic photos as part of our Vertical Photography services.


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Drone Photo of Franklin Park - Aerial Innovations Southeast

drone videography

drone videography

Drones are the perfect tool for capturing sweeping videos of cities and skylines. We most often use them to shoot videos of architecture during the twilight hours. Showcasing a newly constructed building at the “magic hour” makes for excellent marketing materials.

Along with our standard drone video, we also have the capability of First Person View or FPV. This allows us to get dramatic videos of any project or location, along with being able to shoot drone videos inside. Our pilots have hours of experience in this type of flying, and our editors love to add it to any video project.

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