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Back to Blogs How Drones Have Changed the Commercial Photography Landscape - Aerial Innovations Southeast

How Drones Have Changed the Commercial Photography Landscape

Commercial photography has evolved over the years, and many of the services being offered today are far superior to those that were available just a few years ago. Much of this improvement is due to the advent of digital photography. However, no events have disrupted commercial photography to the extent that drones have. In addition to changing the art form itself, drones have also changed the way that business is being conducted.

How Has Photography Changed?

Using drones for photography has become commonplace. Drones are simple to operate and can be purchased for less than $500. Because they take advantage of advanced digital techniques, drones are able to deliver beautiful, high quality aerial photos and videos. Here are five ways that drones have changed photography:

(1) Aerial Drone Photography Has Become Widespread

Aerial photography is nothing new. Airplanes, hot air balloons, and kites have all been used in the past to take aerial photographs. However, pictures taken by drones provide a customization level that could not have been achieved using past methods. For one thing, the height at which high quality aerial photos can be shot opens up many new options.

As technology continues to evolve and prices keep dropping, the practice of using drones for aerial photography is expected to become more widespread, especially among commercial photographers. Perhaps drones will be used in the future to photograph the entire planet.

(2) Photography Drones Provide a Unique Perspective

Drones are able to open up angles that are not otherwise achievable. For instance, wedding photographers are often seen running around in an attempt to get the best angle. They typically take a series of both candid and posed shots. At such events, though, pictures taken by drones can add to the mix without compromising the budget. Because photography drones can fly in tight spaces, they are able to take a greater number of candid shots and capture more of the surroundings.

(3) Drones Offer Better Sports Angles

Taking better photos at sporting events can be challenging due to the fast pace of the game or event. However, using drones for photography can provide the views that most people want to see. This is especially true at outdoor sporting events, such as baseball games, soccer, and auto racing.

In the past, sports photographs had to be taken from the stands or the edges of the field. Then along came Skycam, a camera supported by cables that hover over the field. Now, however, aerial drone photography can photograph sports events with nothing to limit their maneuverability. The fact that they can fly at high altitudes also allows for better overviews than what could otherwise be achieved.

(4) Wildlife Pictures Taken by Drones Are Less Risky

In the past, taking wildlife photos carried a considerable amount of risk, and some photographers have died as a result of getting too close to wild animals. However, using drones for commercial photography has completely changed that game since wild animals can be approached without risk. Unlike humans, animals do not fear drones. Therefore, a drone can go into places where a human could never go. Also, a drone can make a hasty retreat when something goes wrong.

(5) News Reporting Is More Realistic with Drones

Drone aerial photography services are changing the way we view the news. Instead of relying on prerecorded photos and videos, drones are streaming live images of such things like natural disasters, crimes, and political protests. Drones can also go into areas that are unsafe for human photographers, such as live volcanoes and twisters.

How Drones Have Changed the Photographic Business

Earlier, we examined the question “How has photography changed due to the use of drones?” However, photography is not the only thing that has changed. Drones have also changed the way that photography businesses operate. Here are three ways that drones have changed the photographic business:

(1) Real Estate Is Marketed in a Different Manner

Drones are able to fly at much lower altitudes than planes. This allows them to capture low-level images that show neighboring areas in detail. They can also be used in inclement weather, which makes it more likely that real estate professionals will invest in drone aerial photography services.

(2) Agricultural Services Depend on Drones for Commercial Photography

Drones can be used to gain a perspective on crops and land conditions that would be impossible to accomplish by other means. Drones also allow large tracts of land to be surveyed much quicker.

(3) Filmmakers Are Finding Multiple Uses for Drones

Filmmakers are increasingly using drones for aerial photography and for special effects. Drones can be used to simulate views that would be seen by any type of aircraft or creature, including spacecraft and superheroes. They can land, take off, hover and crash. They are also ideal for shooting documentaries.