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The flight crew is standing by. The gear is packed and ready to go. We’re set to take flight and offer solutions to all of your aerial photography needs.

Construction progress photography? Our specialty. Marketing materials? We’re experts. Artistic aerial images? We regularly shoot stunning landscape photos while en route to our next job.

Regardless of your needs, our aerial photography services provide a bird’s eye view that can’t be replicated. We qualify each project to determine if a drone, helicopter, or fixed-wing is best for the job. After determining the best solution for capturing aerial images that best serve our clients, we get in the airplane or helicopter, fire up the drone, and take flight.

construction photography

construction photography

There’s a lot more to aerial photography than just taking pretty pictures. Aerial images serve a crucial function for construction companies, civil engineers, builders, and real estate developers. It’s important for those involved with this type of project management and financing to see progress each month – from beginning to end. Construction photo documentation facilitates communication – keeping people focused on what needs to be done and when.

Professional Construction Progress Photography

Our comprehensive Construction Progress Photography service offer a bird’s eye view of the landscape. This is useful at the onset of a project, when developers and investors are assessing a potential property and its surroundings. It also plays an important ongoing role after construction begins, allowing progress to be monitored as the project progresses.

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Vanderbilt Barnard Dorm - construction progress photography in Nashville, TN

real estate photography

real estate photography

Development and real estate is a big money business. Land development deals typically require aerial images of a potential building site at the onset of a project. As aerial photographers, working with land developers and contractors makes up a large part of what we do. We are experts when it comes to the needs of developers and contractors.

Professional Real Estate Photography

During the development phase a project, the primary benefit of aerial Real Estate Photography is that it allows banks and other project collaborators to see what they’re working with. When large amounts of money are on the line it’s necessary for banks to determine the likelihood that they’ll make a return on their investment. It also gives businesses the benefit of surveying the surrounding area of a potential building site. This helps them gauge whether this is the right location for a particular business.

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Cross Spring Hill: Land Development Photography

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vertical photography

vertical photography

Land developers, real estate investors, and contractors often require a vertical image of the land they’re looking to develop. Vertical photos offer a complete bird’s eye view of the property in question, along with the surrounding areas and neighborhoods. This type of image can provide useful information for developers and contractors at the onset of a project. It allows those working on projects to study their canvas at the onset of a project.

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Vertical Photography in Franklin, TN

creative photography

creative photography

Are you interested in stunning aerial landscape photography? How about abstract aerial images? Well, so are we. One of the perks of flying from our headquarters in Nashville and Atlanta is that we often have the opportunity to creatively capture the aerial view.

Creative Aerial Photography

We have the good fortune of flying over just about every natural and beautiful site in Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, and Georgia. Furthermore, we get to do so during various seasons, weather conditions, and times of day. This is when some of our finer photography happens.

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City Planning Photography


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