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6 Drone Marketing Tips for Real Estate Professionals

Real estate professionals must incorporate the latest technology into their marketing campaigns to stay competitive. One way to do that is through drone real estate videos and photos. Drone footage has a unique appeal that will immediately catch the eye of most potential buyers. Real estate drone photography must emphasize the positive aspects of properties being featured to be successful. To help you with that, here are six drone marketing tips for real estate professionals.

1. Hire a Professional Firm to Capture Your Drone Footage

Several laws regulate the use of drones, varying from state to state. In most cases, commercial drone operators must obtain a permit or be FAA-licensed. They must also abide by the rules and regulations that govern how high the drone can be flown and be able to determine if the featured property is in controlled airspace. That means you will likely want to hire a local company or one with regional offices near you to help you with your drone marketing. You will also want to ensure that your chosen company is licensed and fully insured.

2. Hire a Firm That Is Experienced in Drone Marketing for Real Estate

Many companies can provide drone videos and photos. However, not all are experienced in drone marketing for real estate. A firm that understands the benefits of drone use in real estate will be much easier to work with and more likely to produce the results you’re looking for. They will have the right equipment for the job and will understand how to achieve the best perspective. They may even have a few real estate drone tips they can share with you.

3. Prepare the Featured Property for Real Estate Drone Photography

Don’t mistake shooting a drone real estate video before the property has been cleaned up, decluttered, and otherwise prepared so that its best features stand out. Look for anything that could detract from the property’s appearance, such as trash, unsightly equipment, and extremely dirty surfaces. If the featured property has a lawn or landscaping, one of the best drone photography tips is to brighten the landscaping with fresh flowers. Remember that a real estate drone will be shooting photos and videos from heights and angles that may be hard to visualize from the ground.

4. Find the Best Angles to Shoot the Drone Footage

One of the best drone tips for real estate marketing is accentuating the featured property’s best angles. You and the drone operator can be as creative with this step as you want. You can step out of the dull photo process of the past and create stunning videos simply by the angles you choose to shoot. You can focus on architectural details, vivid colors, or landscape features like lakes and gardens. In some cases, you may want to include adjacent or nearby property in your video to emphasize the importance of the featured property’s location. For interior rooms, the space can be made to look more prominent by the height or angle of the view.

5. Explore Different Maneuvers for Drone Use in Real Estate

One of the best drone photography tips is understanding the different maneuvers a drone can make. For example, a video might start from a distance and slowly approach the property using different speeds and angles for dramatic effect. A drone could also begin at ground level and move up and away from the building to include more of the surroundings. It’s also possible to make an orbit video by rotating around the building at constant or variable heights. Additionally, interior and exterior architectural details can be emphasized by zooming in on them while stationary or flying.

6. Be Creative with the Editing of Your Drone Real Estate Video

Creative editing isn’t any less critical than the drone tips we’ve discussed. You will want to ensure that the company you hire for your real estate drone photography can also edit your video’s contents. Otherwise, you will need another source for that. You will want to cut out any portions of your video that are unattractive and only keep what will bring in buyers. You may also want to choose how your video transitions from one scene to another and what type of music is played in the background. Additionally, you can select the best views of each room, alternate between wide-angle and close-up shots, and include a few special effects.

Our Aerial Innovations Southeast team of professionals has real estate drone photography expertise to take your listings to the next level and help grow your business. Get in touch with us today to learn about drone photography and videography for your next real estate project.