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A Complete Guide to Commercial Real Estate Photography

It’s no secret that your photography’s quality can significantly impact your commercial real estate marketing efforts. You can improve your commercial photography with the right equipment and expertise. We’ve put together a complete commercial real estate photography guide to help take your marketing efforts to the next level.

What Is Commercial Real Estate Photography?

Commercial real estate photography is a variation of property photography focused on making commercial properties look good. It can vary from simple shots of a store or restaurant to drone shoots of large commercial centers or parcels of land. Some people need commercial drone photography services to get a good lay of the land or properly study dimensions. Others need commercial photographs to entice potential buyers or customers to come into a business.

What Are the Different Types of Real Estate Drone Photography?

First, there’s residential real estate photography, which primarily houses photography. It primarily involves flying from lower heights to get a good view of the property. It can also include flat lays above residential skyscrapers that distinctly show the building’s outline. Commercial and industrial drone photography involves flying from higher angles as the buildings tend to be larger and need multiple shots. Commercial real estate photography pricing can also be higher than residential services.

How Do You Prepare for a Commercial Real Estate Photography Shoot?

Preparation requires paying extremely close attention to both timing and details. A professional will consider the buildings or lots being photographed, the location and surroundings, the weather, time of day, lighting, and staging. They may change their real estate photography techniques depending on light levels or the number of people or objects in the surrounding area.

What Are The Best Cameras and Lenses for Commercial Property Photography?

The best cameras for the job are digital single-lens reflex or DSLR cameras. DSLR cameras produce higher resolution shots than other types, and they include quality effects settings that let professionals do more in varied lighting levels. As for the best real estate photography lenses, zoom lenses are good if you want to focus on a particular area while prime lenses have better overall quality. Avoid wide-angle lenses as they can take distorted pictures.

What Are Some of the Real Estate Photography Techniques That You Can Expect?

For larger properties, an orthomosaic may be used. This involves taking multiple overlapping shots of a business and overlapping them during editing. Some shoots may start with a pylon shot, a photo, or a group of photos of the signs people see when they arrive. When a drone is high, a professional will try to keep the horizon limited to the top 20% of any given shot.

What Is the Process for Editing Commercial Drone Photography?

You and the drone photographer will review the photos and decide which suits your needs best. The professional will use photo editing software to get the proper exposure. They can adjust the light if it isn’t satisfactory and blend photos to get the perfect picture for your album, website, or prospects. Once they’re finished, they’ll show you the pictures tailored to your specifications, and you can ask for additional changes if needed.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Professional Real Estate Photographer?

Professional drone photographers have all the necessary paperwork done beforehand. They’ll have their FAA license and full insurance. They’ll also have all the necessary permits and know what’s legal to shoot in your area. They’ll also know the right time of day to shoot and proper editing techniques. Finally, commercial real estate photography pricing is much cheaper than buying a drone and real estate photography lenses.

Hiring a Professional Real Estate Drone Photographer

Aerial Innovations can provide you with the aerial and drone photography you need to level up your business. We specialize in drone services for real estate, construction, and marketing clients. We handle anything from a simple house photography session to drone shots covering hundreds of thousands of square feet. We provide competitive rates and will work with you to get the right images or video for your purposes. Contact us to learn more about commercial real estate photography for your business.