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Aerial innovations Women In Construction

This week we are celebrating women in the construction workforce! The documented history of women in construction is relatively short to date. With technological advances and more positions requiring less physical labor, the industry is well accustomed to having women on the job site.

 We’re highlighting our own crew of ladies who have chosen a career working in the construction industry. While we may not be on the job site every day, our team contributes to those who are. Follow us as we continue to pave new paths and relationships for future generations. 

Wendy Whittemore

…”Women were known to have worked as laborers carrying water, and digging ditches for foundation walls, thatching roofs, and mixing mortar in Europe during the 17th Century. They were either single with no other means of support, or sometimes married but just poor women trying to survive. Women were paid about half of the rate as male workers and were not even documented as part of the crew.” …


I’ve been involved with the construction industry for over 20 years now and am amazed at what I learn every day. A sense of accomplishment for me comes when a client sees our photographs as a way to build their business. It’s been a pleasure watching both Atlanta, GA and Nashville, TN plus out other coverage areas grow with everyone’s perseverance and hard work. Can’t wait to see what the next 20 bring!


Chelsea Walker

…”By 1943 hundreds of thousands of women worked in shipyards across the country, doing work traditionally reserved for men. Women operated huge cranes that moved entire sections of ships into place for final assembly while thousands worked as riveters and welders in the war plants.  Westinghouse Electric trained dozens of women in electrical engineering due to the shortage of male workers.”…

The past three years in the construction industry have taught me more than I ever expected I would learn. In college I fell in love with architecture and knew I wanted to specialize in architectural photography early on, but never imagined I’d be working full time for a photography company that is involved in every stage of construction, not just the beautiful final imagery. We get to see the ground before it’s disturbed, the monthly construction progress and watch the final products come alive before our eyes. I’ve photographed in running manufacturing plants, down 50 feet underground in GA red clay at the base of a building pad, and have been on rooftops shooting HVAC unit lifts, we do what it takes to get the best shots! I find so much joy in helping our clients from start to finish on jobs they’ve put blood, sweat and probably some tears into. When clients tell me “these photos are amazing and exactly what we need,” it makes all of the hard work worth it!


Tiffany Holmes

…”The Civil Rights Act of 1964, affirmative action in 1965 and two amendments to prohibit gender discrimination and work hours of women followed 2 years later.”…

I have the unique perspective of seeing our client’s construction projects as I photograph them from a helicopter. Flying gives an overall view of how the construction industry is changing a specific city or area, which fascinates me. How different Midtown Atlanta looks today than just two years ago! I never get tired of finding new ways to capture the essence of construction from the air!


Mara Wicker

…”1979: Barbara Res lead the construction of Trump Tower making her the first female hard-hat boss to oversee an American skyscraper from start to finish.”…

At Aerial Innovations I get a unique opportunity to see the transformation of a space over time. Since working in the construction industry I have become more aware of the constant change of my surroundings. Cities are always growing and we capture the in-between moments. As a video editor I am able to show the details of the construction process from start to finish. One of my favorite projects I’ve worked on was the HVAC lifts, seeing the Aircrane crew and helicopter in action was incredible! 


Alyssa Cox

…”One of the first documented women in construction was in the late 1800s.  Emily Roebling stepped in as the “first woman field engineer” and saw out the completion of the Brooklyn Bridge.” …


Prior to working for Aerial Innovations Southeast, I didn’t know there were such diverse opportunities for visual documentation in construction. From groundbreaking to completion, you see artistic elements of form, line, color, texture, shape, light, and symmetry – not to mention the astonishing amount of hard work and manpower that a single project requires. It’s truly an incredible process to witness!  Being a creative woman in the construction industry continually inspires me to stay ambitious and look for beauty in the most unexpected places.


Christa Kaye

…”Seventy-five years ago people were not accustomed to seeing women dressed in pants. Women were often ridiculed and bullied. They also had difficulty with skilled male employees who refused to adequately train them and had to endure criticism from traditional-minded people, both men and women.”…

My favorite thing about working in the construction industry in the Southeast is how friendly everyone is! We work among patriots who know the meaning of grit-filled work and that leads to a humble attitude. It’s an honest industry with concrete values that leads to an incredible foundation of respect as we continue to build America from the ground up. I am honored to be a part of an industry with a rich history and sure future!

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