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Benefits of Aerial Photography

The rapid drop in the cost of aerial photography thanks to the emergence of drones has made it possible for property owners to photograph every angle of their buildings. While photographing a property from the ground can convey a lot of information, it is nothing compared to the value of photographing a building from up above.

Photographing Property with a Lot of Land

If your property has a lot of land, you may find some issues with trying to photograph it without high quality aerial photos:

  • Taking photographs of a large property can be impractical
  • You cannot convey the full scope of your property without aerial photography
  • There may be some features you can only show from the air

Being able to show more of the property will place you ahead of the competition. Regardless of who you are selling the property to, they will want to have a full view of the property and all of its amenities.

High Quality Aerial Photos and Property Sale

To sell a property, you will need high quality aerial photos to entice a buyer. If the prospective buyer has any questions about the property, these questions can be answered with the help of the photographs. For example, if there are any legal questions about property boundaries and who owns what, aerial photography can help answer this.

Aerial Images for Construction

A construction crew can rely on aerial images to better understand how the construction project is progressing and to see if there are any emerging issues.

In the past, inspecting a portion of the home that may need repairs could be dangerous and expensive. Now, workers can identify issues, such as potential roof leaks, without needing to climb on the roof.

Market Your Business with Arial Images

Impress your customers by showing a beautiful and high-quality image of your property. You can use these images to promote your business by including them in brochures and other promotional materials. This can be useful if your business is a wedding venue or a car dealership. If you have a special event, you’ll have a much easier time promoting it with the use of aerial drones.

The Advantage of Drones

Drones are very versatile and stable. They can hover over a location and take high-quality photographs that won’t be blurry. The image taken by the drone is in much greater depth and at a higher level of detail. They are able to take high-resolution photographs and are able to film at 4k.

Safety and Dependability

Drones are much safer than the conventional method of photography from the air where a plane needed to fly over the property to take a photograph. With an airplane, there is always a risk that the plane might crash and injure or kill the pilot.

Flying an airplane to take a photograph is also much more expensive because the airplane is more expensive and requires fuel and maintenance. A plane is also not as flexible as a drone and a drone can be deployed much more quickly. The training needed to operate a drone is much lower.


The data recorded from the drone is in a format that can be easily shared. The data can also be converted into a variety of formats whether you need to add a video recording to your TV spot or you need to upload photographs to your website.

If you are in need of aerial photography for a project, sale, or any photography needs, give us a call.


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