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Better Real Estate Marketing With Drones

Real estate marketing remains a highly competitive business. Today, drones assist many brokers and agents. A variety of unmanned aircraft enable sales teams to capture compelling images of homes, businesses, and raw land. Just consider some of the ways this technology helps market realty in the southeastern United States.


About Drones

Although the military in the United States has utilized drone technology for many years, unmanned aerial vehicles (“UAV craft”) only recently gained widespread use in the private sector. Today, small, lightweight drones provide valuable assistance to a variety of businesses. Realty sales in particular benefits from the availability of aerial images captured with the assistance of this innovative technology.

Recently, drone manufacturers have developed cutting-edge drones capable of taking compelling photos and videos. These tiny unmanned vehicles soar over commercial buildings, homes, ponds, driveways, garages, orchards, outbuildings, fields, swimming pools, yards, and nearby landmarks. They provide prospective real estate buyers with a bird’s eye view of the terrain.


Transforming Real Estate Marketing in The United States

The Wall Street Journal recently suggested prospective buyers overwhelmingly prefer to view images of real estate before pursuing further listing details. The rapid expansion of the Internet now enables many real estate agents to market residential properties online initially. This change requires the presentation of eye-catching photographs and videos.

Drones supply an excellent way to obtain accurate images of real estate. Currently, firms specializing in the sale of luxury properties in markets as diverse as Westchester, New York and Silicon Valley, California rely heavily on this technology. Several models of DJI Mavic and Phantom drones offer the capability to capture high quality images during half hour flights. This development has already begun transforming the way large realty firms market high dollar homes and acreage.


Aerial Images: Some Key Advantages

What benefits flow from using this technology to spur real estate sales in the Southeast? Just a few important reasons why real estate professionals increasingly depend upon drone photography and videography testify to the value of this tool:

  1. Drones enable prospective buyers to visualize a property from overhead, offering a 360 degree view of the realty and adjoining points of interest.
  2. These images help marketers clearly delineate fixtures on the ground (including boundary lines).
  3. Buyers of large tracts obtain the ability to appreciate the topography more fully.
  4. Marketers clearly document the condition of rooftops, balconies, and skylights.
  5. Aerial imagery contributes to a fuller disclosure of some types of property damage, an important aspect of ethical real estate sales.


Investing in Training And Equipment

Most real estate industry professionals hesitate to undertake DIY drone photography. First, skilled sales teams in this field generate a higher volume of closed transactions by concentrating on their unique area of expertise: marketing realty. They don’t need to photograph a home personally to use aerial images in their promotional campaigns. Instead, real estate firms compete most effectively by choosing the most experienced, reputable aerial photographers and videographers.

Second, operating a drone with skill requires extensive practice. The quality of photos and videos used in sales materials matters. Images captured by novice drone operators cannot compare with the results generated by experts.

Third, regulations issued by the Federal Aviation Administration require the registration of every drone weighing at least 0.5 pounds. Additionally, whether compensated or unpaid, a drone pilot may not use drones for any commercial purpose without first passing an FAA test and obtaining a UAV operator’s license. 

Lastly, commercial drone operators widely appreciate the value of obtaining drone insurance. Drones sometimes sustain damage during photoshoots. Accidents involving this equipment possess the potential to seriously damage property or harm people. Full-time drone operators like Aerial Innovations Southeast invest in state-of-the-art equipment and training. They maintain insurance policies to protect themselves and their clients.


Contact Aerial Innovations Southeast

Aerial Innovations Southeast possesses the capability to capture aerial and drone photography as well as conventional ground-level images. In fact, the firm sometimes shoots videos taken from helicopters and airplanes. Yet its excellent fleet of drones furnish a highly cost-effective choice for professional real estate marketing purposes. Contact Aerial Innovations Southeast to learn more about how aerial and drone photography can better your business and improve your marketing efforts.