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Cool Images for a Hot Summer

Summers in the south can be a lot to handle. Fortunately, while it’s getting hotter outside, we are staying cool inside with some of our new portfolio selections. It seems antiquated but we still love putting an actual print portfolio together. It gives us a chance to really select the best of the best images and see how they turn out in print. One of our favorite images didn’t make the cut because we couldn’t get the deep shadows just right.

If we see you out and about, hopefully we’ll have our portfolio case with us and we can look at images….the old fashioned way! In the mean time, here are a few selections and a link to the entire gallery, which includes aerial images, drone images, and ground photography.



Bird's Eye View of SunTrust Park in Atlanta, GA

Baseball Is Back, Play Ball!

It's baseball time in the Southeast - time to share our favorite aerial photos of our favorite ballparks. It's been a while since we could fly Opening Days, the Flight…