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The Demand for Drone Pilots

The escalating demand for drone services and the evolving regulation has made working as a drone operator a job jackpot. The infrastructure, real estate, and law enforcement industries are some of the fields that continue to adopt drone technology. With more companies realizing the benefits of drone intelligence, this is an excellent time for you to become a commercial drone pilot.


The different industries using commercial pilots

It is no longer just a hobby, as it can be a well-paying vocation. The rapidly expanding field is playing some significant roles in various industries. Here are some of the sectors that a professional operator might want to consider first.

Mapping and ModellingMore mapping professionals have taken up drone technology because of its importance in 3D modeling. The advanced technology provides aerial photography, which explores unique angles that are hard to capture even with highly specialized equipment. Drone mapping and modeling are valuable skillsets that help produce useful information such as detailed aerial mapping and an accurate map of an area.


Thermal Imaging

The skill on drone thermal imaging has numerous applications, from performing roof inspections to becoming part of first responders’ crew. Fire professionals are among the largest users of thermal done technology. In the law enforcement field, the drones help in the pursuit of suspects in low visibility areas and at night. Other heavy users of drones are the search and rescue officers. This technology accelerates the probability of a successful rescue by reducing the search time considerably, and it also reduces personnel risk.


Real state

Real estate professionals have also taken up the use of drone imagery in long strides. According to experts, the use of drone technology in this field will continue to increase. A drone operator can earn their living as drone technology in real estate becomes more prevalent, creates beautiful marketing material that they can use to entice buyers.



A drone pilot can earn a living by providing aerial inspection services. Through infrared technology, they can help spot serious structural issues. Additionally, they can pinpoint the exact geographical and structural areas that may have problems.

Though these are just a handful of fields that drone pilots are needed in, there are plenty of other industries that are in need of pilots.


Steps to take to become a drone pilot

The rules on the operation of drones are quite long, with many details. However, the steps are relatively simple. The first step you need to make is to obtain a drone license from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The right is referred to as Part 107. Anyone operating a drone commercially or for government services needs one to do so. The license is crucial because selling drone photos without it can cost you a fine of up to $1,100.

To acquire this license, you need to register with the Integrated Airman Certification and Rating Application. After this, you register for a written test online. The test costs $150 and is taken in an FAA-approved location. This test covers the safety, setting up, and the operation, and you only need to get a 70% score to pass.

Furthermore, applicants need to be 16 years and above. You also need to be able to read, write, and speak English. They are also required to be of sound mental and physical conditions.

Luckily, training programs have mushroomed in institutes and universities as the demand for jobs increases. You can apply for system engineering and manual training courses if you wish to become a drone operator.


As drones become more and more integrated with our daily lives, the higher the demand for pilots will be. Aerial Innovations provides their clients with stunning aerial photography across a variety of industries. Whether it’s construction, realty, or mapping, Aerial Innovations can help. Call today.