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Nashville Skyline Aerial Images

It was hard to pick any one project this year, there seemed to be so much going on all at once. But one thing that really kept us on our toes this year was the changing Nashville skyline. Almost every photo we have taken is now out of date as new high rises and cranes kept popping up. We are not complaining by any stretch but it’s been a challenge to get those key skyline shots. Below are a few, let us know what you think.

And the biggest change to the skyline was due in part to the multitude of hotels going in. We were lucky to shoot some of the more beautiful ones like the Westin, J.W. Marriott, and Thompson Hotels. We have not gotten in to see many of the renovated historic buildings turned into hotels but have dropped by the new 21C Hotel and Museum for an art pick-me-up.

Thanks for all of the great projects in 2017. Looking at construction reports for 2018, we may just be getting started. Learn more about our aerial photography services.


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