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Picking Out a Drone for Aerial Photography

Drones take photography to the next level. Not only do they look professional, but they can also give a new and breathtaking perspective on the land. Whether you’re a marketer for a home or a photographer for fun, choosing a drone is essential to taking quality pictures. You can’t buy the first or cheapest product you see. It’s necessary to take the time to look at the right specifications and see if a drone matches your specific needs. First, you should recognize the signs of a quality product to prevent yourself from ending up with poor aerial photography.

Types of Drones

The two kinds of drones are mostly those that are cheaper and the ones that aren’t. It’s not that the low-cost products are inadequate devices; they just usually don’t come with cameras. If you’re not that experienced with flying drones, you should invest in one of these types to hone your skills before using an upgraded version. The expensive and higher-quality devices can come with both cameras and autonomous flight modes. These are what’s needed for good drone photography, though the video’s condition can also vary.

Camera Quality

It’s best if you start with the image quality of the camera. This factor directly links to the size of the sensor. When shopping for a drone, make sure its sensor is at least one inch. This size seems to be the default quality standard for these devices. Next, you should determine whether you want your videos in 4K or a lesser form of HD. You might not need all of those extra pixels and expenses if you’re editing and uploading your videos on Instagram, but 4K is a recommended option for marketing and other professional uses.

Other Specifications for Buying Drone Technology

Be sure to get a drone with the right collision avoidance and tracking systems to steer clear of obstacles in the skies. If you’re looking to save on your picture quality, you could always invest in various lenses. For those who want to travel with their drones, you should get one that’s not too heavy and easy to transport. These devices can have additional features that might not be required but, regardless, it would be nice to have. For example, there are GPS capabilities if you want your drone to fly automatically somewhere specific for photos or right back to you. The option for multiple users to operate this device means that either of them can control from remote locations instead of having to travel to the same place.

The Best Drones for Aerial Photography

Even considering these factors, it still might not be enough to narrow down your choices. You could always start with leading brands like Skydio and Parrot. It would be best if you did some further research into each of these unique names to recognize the differences in features and target audiences. Below are two examples to help give you a better idea of how to make these comparisons. They’re both the same brand, but they have different specs that can help you determine which would best suit your personal needs. Even if you’re not interested in purchasing either of these, you’ll still be more aware of how to compare these devices for your drone photography needs.

DJI Mavic 2 Pro

The DJI Mavic 2 Pro is like an upgraded version of the Mavic Air 2 because it has all of its top features with additions. This device is foldable and relatively lightweight, making it suitable for transport. It’s a bit on the expensive side but is among the top drones in the industry. The Pro has a max range of five miles and a battery life of 31 minutes. This device has a video quality of 4K at 30fps, so it’s excellent for aerial photography and capturing videos. The DJI Mavic 2 Pro is a useful tool for professionals who travel regularly and upload content online for a living.

DJI Inspire 2

Some similarities between the Inspire and the Pro include coming with controllers and having around the same camera resolution. One difference is that the Inspire comes with live streaming capabilities. You can do that with the Pro, but that requires third-party apps and services that may not always be reliable. The Inspire can live stream at 1080i, regardless of its 24fps video quality. Although it’s bigger and heavier than the Pro, this drone is faster with a max speed of 58mph. The DJI Inspire 2 is much more expensive than the Mavic 2 Pro, but it’s great for those who work in one place and needs their drone to travel somewhere quickly.

High-quality products like these do cost a significant amount of money. You might not be interested in buying drone technology if you’re only looking to take a few pictures once in a while. A better option would be to rely on a service that can obtain those photos for you. Aerial Innovations Southeast is a company specializing in providing its clients with quality photos and videos from a bird’s eye view. In addition to drone photography, their services include ground and commercial photography for various industries, such as construction and real estate.