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Showing the Love

Last week you met Alyssa and said goodbye to Tiffany. This week we are celebrating 2 anniversaries: Jessi Braswell in the Nashville office has been with us since 2015 and Chelsea Patterson in the Georgia office has been with us since 2017. We couldn’t do it without either of them for very long, they are the glue and the drivers behind our successful sales and customer service. How do we love these girls….let’s count the ways!

5 – days a week you will get a cheerful voice answering all of your questions

4 – quarters of the year that these girls crush it!

3 – primary colors that either of them will have in their hair at once

2 – well, there is two of them, the dynamic duo? the pair in the air?

1 – amount of times you have to ask them for anything, they are Johnnies on the spot!

We love you, Chelsea and Jessi!! You are rock stars and we are your touring band 🙂


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