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SkySupplies: Cessna 172S

This week we are focusing on the Cessna 172S aircraft which we use for many of our aerial shoots.

The Cessna has been in production since the 1950’s and our particular plane was built in 1998. It has a great deal of in-air dexterity and also can manage almost 90 degree pitches so we are able to get awesome shots out the open window. Needless to say, we love the little guy. Its American red, white and blue color scheme, it’s comfortable 4 leather seats, oh, and its history.

Back in 1958 this plane was used to set the flight endurance record, and it still stands! The Cessna was in the air for 64 days, 22 hours, 19 minutes and 5 seconds of flight — the pilot and his co-pilot were able to stay afloat thanks to in-air gas fill-ups and food exchanges. This was done by matching speed with a supply car on straight stretches of highway and some super soft hands. At this time there was only one seat in the aircraft — the rest of the (minimal) space was used to hold supplies and a sleeping pad for the relief pilot.

Today’s Cessnas can travel up to 160 MPH and cruise at around 140 MPH. It’s not a quiet plane, but that’s what they make headsets for, right? We’ve never gone on a 64 day shoot, but it’s nice to know that it’s an option.

This plane is typically privately owned, and its size and speed makes it perfect for us to get some breathtaking aerial shots. A huge thank you to the Nashville Flight School for consistently providing us with excellent pilots and aircrafts…. we tried to skywrite that last time we were renting one of your planes… but I guess we caught you when you were looking down!  


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