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The Use of Aerial Photography for Marketing

As technology advances the uses and practicalities of technology also advances. With drones and cameras becoming better and better, their uses become broader. This leads us to the uses of drone and aerial photography for the benefit of creating compelling marketing collateral. 


Businesses that fall under the umbrella of construction, real estate, and land development all have a growing need for professional aerial images. Providing potential clients with marketing collateral that gives them a new perspective on your product or service can be a huge advantage. Doing so can help get encourage them to purchase homes or tracts of land your company is offering.


Aerial Photography for Construction

During the building process, a lot of contractors and construction companies want to be able to show their investors and clients how the project is progressing. Hiring an aerial photography company can help provide a contractor with images of how his project is progressing. Having the ability to show your audience how well a project is moving is a great way to ensure that a project is moving forward.

Additionally, providing construction progress photos to a construction company allows them to use those progress photos in their marketing efforts. Companies can post to social media, send emails, or put up posters of how close a new building is to being complete. Aerial photographs can also be used by contractors on a website or pamphlet to showcase the work they have been a part of and how they’ve contributed to certain projects.


Aerial Photography for Real Estate

Once a housing development is complete, and it’s time to sell houses or plots of land, contracting an aerial photographer can provide a real estate company with excellent marketing materials . Hiring an aerial photographer to come take photos of a development can allow for a multitude of ways to showcase a home. With the great camera quality of drones, their ease of use, and maneuverability, an aerial photographer can create an incredible walk-through video of a new home. It can be operated all around the home and provides a different angle most realtors can’t provide to a buyer. 


On top of providing a new take on virtual tours of a home, drones can be used to highlight features of a home or neighborhood such as pools, landscaping, tennis courts, etc. Aerial photographs can also be taken of the whole development, providing future residents with a view of the entire neighborhood and all that it has to offer.  


Aerial Photography for Land Development

When developing a large plot of land, an important part is surveying. Having an aerial photography company fly over and photograph a plot of land can help provide a construction company with images they need to decide whether or not to develop this area. Additionally, providing construction companies and developers with aerial photographs can provide them with marketing collateral. They can use these images to showcase the land they just purchased to potential buyers.


Aerial Photography for Tourism

Marketing is one of the most important tactics in the tourism industry. Providing potential guests with images of a beautiful place with fun things to do is vastly important. Incorporating aerial photographs and videos of beaches, pools, golf courses, and resorts into marketing collateral can help bring life to the idea of having a fun filled vacation. 


Hire an Aerial Photographer

Since technology continues to develop and change so quickly, more and more businesses will soon turn to aerial photography and drone photography to improve their marketing efforts. If you have a project that you think an aerial photographer or drone photographer could benefit, check out Aerial Innovations. Aerial Innovations has a record of success in providing their clients with stunning aerial photographs that make for incredible marketing collateral. Reach out today to get a quote and talk about how Aerial Innovations can help your business. 


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