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They Really Like Us!

We know we love what we do. And we love it when client’s love what we do as well! It’s critical to take time when there is critical feedback or a project did not turn out exactly as planned. But it’s not always in our nature to stop and take a compliment.

So this year, we are sharing some kind words from our clients. Each job is a challenge and the key to a successful shoot is communication early and often. We are known for getting it right the first time.

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Below are some images that garnished extra attention. Kudos! 


"These photos were phenomenal!"

"Your team always does a fantastic job!"

"Thanks again for these amazing photos!"


Photo of a drone hovering before an aerial photography job

Weather Delays

Storms build over Atlanta, GA One thing all flights (drone, helicopter or airplane) have in common; they are dependent on weather. If you live in the south, you know that…
Drone Associations for Professional Drone Pilots - Aerial Innovations Southeast

What Are Orthomosaic Photos?

First things first, what is an orthomosaic photo? An orthomosaic photo is an aerial or drone photograph that has been altered for topographic relief, lens distortion, and camera tilt. Essentially…