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5 Ways That Drones Are Changing the Marketing Industry

As technology rapidly grows and plays a more prominent role in our everyday lives, entire industries have transformed to adapt. For example, many companies have abandoned physical stores in favor of predominantly online services thanks to widespread internet access.

Drones in marketing are another evolution with the power to reshape production and change how consumers view the world. In particular, aerial photography and video are more affordable and approachable than ever, especially for the marketing industry. With a wide range of potential uses, drone photography introduces far more options for companies to represent their products and themselves.

In the past, aerial footage was expensive, requiring costly aircraft, trained pilots, and flight schedules. However, with the evolution of drones in business, aerial footage is considerably easier to collect at a fraction of the cost. Plus, with fewer restrictions, more people in the marketing industry have the power to create cinematic footage for advertising purposes. The following are five ways that drones are changing the marketing industry. 

1. Drones in Business Allow Quick Marketing

As drone technology advances, so has its ease of use. More manufacturers design their drones to ensure even an average hobbyist can successfully take off and record incredible footage the whole time; some are even designed to be controlled by a smartphone app.

As drones become easier to use, businesses can take advantage of them for quick marketing pushes, avoiding the traditional red tape and logistics of print advertisement. With drones, marketers have all the tools they need to create content on the go. Of course, hiring a drone professional to develop the footage is still best.

2. Drones in Marketing are a Tool

More than technology, drones are valuable tools. Specifically, it’s a camera that can record from unique perspectives otherwise unavailable without time, effort, and money. Instead of relying on cranes and helicopters like past marketers, you now only need a drone to achieve the same aerial viewpoint.

Whether you’re in construction taking videos of tall buildings or a real estate agent gathering photos of a large property, drones are an essential tool to gather breathtaking shots conveniently.

3. Drone Marketing Automation

Technology has dramatically influenced workplace productivity, and drones are certainly no exception. These devices provide aerial data that can automate tedious tasks related to marketing and adjacent fields. For instance, a drone can obtain a perspective not available at the ground level or even from satellites; if you need to record or map a surface, a drone can automate the process.

4. Drones for Marketing as a Platform

Historically, marketing has included TV commercials, print ads, billboards, and ad spaces on the internet. However, drones in marketing introduce new possibilities that companies can utilize. Compared to conventional aircraft, drones are tiny, allowing them to travel almost anywhere. That makes them an excellent choice as an advertising platform.

Whereas billboards and other traditional advertising platforms are passive and static, drones can target people directly and assertively. For example, some restaurants use drones to fly menus around the cities and advertise to large, hungry crowds at sporting events.

Depending on local law, drone ads can fly nearly anywhere:

  • Customers sitting at the park
  • Workers in an office building
  • Tourists exiting the airport

5. Drone Marketing Featuring Drones

It’s common to think of a drone as a tool that records video and aerial photography, but they’re capable of much more than that. Get creative; you can even use drones as the primary subject of your marketing campaign.

Consider the fact that drones are a new and exciting technology that still awe people, so it’s possible to capitalize on that aspect; people enjoy watching drones fly around. Take, for example, the Amazon Prime Air commercials that put character into their drones as the future of delivering packages to homes and businesses. It’s not about predicting the future; the point is that people enjoyed watching an ad where staff simply flew drones around.

Elevate Your Marketing with Drone Services 

Good marketing campaigns have all the hallmarks that catch attention; incorporating drone photography is an undeniable way to do that. These tools have unique perspectives, presenting the big picture in ways you can’t get otherwise.

People love to see drones used in media for this reason. Instead of running a traditional advertisement, you can wow your audience with cutting-edge technology that makes your ad stand out in a sea of them. Moreover, drone footage elevates your campaign in a sophisticated way. Anyone can use Photoshop, but good drone footage requires skill and effort.

It’s time to invest in a drone advertisement; present your company’s state-of-the-art professionalism with Aerial Innovations Southeast. We provide drone videography and photography for real estate, construction, and commercial businesses. Contact us today to learn more about drone services for your next project.