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Charleston, SC & Savannah, GA


Aerial Photography

Aerial Innovations Southeast has had an office located in Georgia since the early 90’s. It didn’t take long before we became the top aerial photography businesses in the city of Atlanta and the state of Georgia. We currently use ten airports throughout the Southeast that reside in Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, and South Carolina.

As the premiere aerial photography and videography service in the Southeast, we provide top of the line aerial photographs for a multitude of different projects. Whether it be real estate, large developments, construction projects, or for creative purposes, we provide professional service and a stunning final product for every project.

In addition to our aerial photography services, we provide professional drone photography and videography services. All of our drone, plane, and helicopter pilots are FAA certified and fully insured so you can rest assured knowing we take full responsibility for any mishaps on our end.


Aerial Photography in Charleston, SC & Savannah, GA

We are flexible when it comes to the needs and projects of our clients. Whether you need low-level ground photography or high-level aerial and drone photography, Aerial Innovations can provide any photography service your project requires at any time and location. 

Located very near to each other, Savannah, GA and Charleston, SC could be sister cities. Both cities boast a vibrant and historic downtown with access to beautiful beaches at Hilton Head and Tybee Island. Savannah is the oldest city in Georgia and is home to one of the largest St. Patrick’s Day parades in the country. Visitors flock to the Riverfront and Forsyth Park as well as art galleries featuring Savannah College of Art and Design students. Just a bit north, Charleston, SC is home to famous southern architecture and military forts from the Revolutionary and Civil Wars.


Aerial Photography and Drone Services

Our aerial and drone photography services provide a bird’s eye view of any project. Our services provide you and your company with an excellent resource to help with any type of project and allows you the opportunity to see your project from a different angle. A handful of our Aerial and Drone photography services include:

  • Aerial Surveys for land developers
  • Construction progress photography
  • Aerial architectural photography
  • Vertical photography
  • Polished corporate videos
  • Interior and exterior marketing photos
  • Orthomosaic photography


Aerial Construction Photography Specialists

At Aerial Innovations Southeast, our team specializes in construction progress photography across the Southeast. This service is a crucial function for our clients who work in construction, civil engineering, and real estate development. These photos provide our clients with an up-to-date view of their project and shows them the progress that’s being made. This information is necessary for those involved in the management and financing of the project because it allows them to see what progress is being made each month. A consistent progress report of the project helps facilitate communication and keeps everyone on track towards completion. 

Our construction progress photography service is an important asset to a project manager as well as the financier of the project. The photographs provide a bird’s eye view of the landscape as well as the project. This is a priority at the beginning of a project when the developer, investors, or owners are assessing the property and the surrounding areas before construction begins. These photographs also maintain a vital role throughout the project timeline. They show everyone involved in the project exactly what progress is being made and provides them a consistently updated visual on how the project is turning out.


Real Estate Photography

Real estate development is a huge business nationwide. As of recently, it has become a huge business in the ever expanding suburbs. Land development and urban expansion almost always require aerial photographs of the land or area that is intended for development. As aerial photographers, we have had a plethora of experience working with land developers and contractors. We have the equipment and technology to get us up above your development and get great shots for your project and its progress.

During the developmental phase of a project, the main benefit of using an aerial real estate photo is that it allows banks, investors, collaborators, and contractors to see what they have to work with. When investors and partners are moving large sums of money, it’s important for them to see their investment so they can properly judge if they’re making a smart decision. Additionally, providing an aerial photo service to the developer gives businesses a chance to see the location and surrounding areas. This gives them the opportunity to decide whether or not they believe the location is ideal for a certain business. 


Contact Us for a Quote

Regardless of your needs, our aerial photography services provide a bird’s eye view that can’t be replicated. We qualify each project to determine if a drone, helicopter, or fixed-wing is best for the job. Once we determine the best solution to capture aerial images, we get in the airplane or helicopter and take flight.

To learn more about our aerial photography and videography services in the Southeastern United States, contact us to get a quote for your project.

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