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Aerial Photography Services are Cheaper Than Drone Services

It may be shocking, but it’s true. While drones have changed the commercial photography landscape, we have been boggling people’s minds lately with one simple truth: aerials from our helicopter and airplane flights are cheaper than any drone services you can do your self, or hire out.

We share the cost of our flights with our clients and it gets them every time. The fact of the matter is, flying in a helicopter or airplane allows us to cover a lot of ground in a relatively short amount of time. It pays to know your aerial photography options.

Cost of Aerial Photography

In one hour, our aerial photography team could capture 10-30 different photo sites. Due to the amount of fuel and the ability to cover large distances, using a helicopter or plane can be considerably cheaper when compared to a drone.

With a drone, you could maybe get to 2 sites in an hour, or 3 maximum, due to the intensive work and amount of time it takes to set up a drone for that shoot. Having the helicopter or plane with us gives us the ability to capture plenty of different angles and aerial images just as good if not better than a drone could.

Another great perk to aerial photography is that you can reach remote sites that a drone could not. Due to a drones limited range from the operator, drone are confined to a certain distance and can’t reach more remote sites for potentially great photos.

Drones Aren’t All Bad

While we do aerial photography, we also do drone photography. Some advantages that drone has is the ability to capture images at elevations a helicopter or plane couldn’t reach. Drones are great tool for showcasing homes or buildings due to the size of the site.

Drones can also be used to capture video in a low altitude that can make for great marketing material or to create video showcasing your brand, or putting together the perfect commercial.

Aerial Southeast Can Help

We would love to boggle your mind with all of the ways we capture both aerial and ground images and video. With the wide array of options out there, we know exactly the right tool for your project. If you need help with any project we are ready to take flight. Reach out to us and we’ll send you a free quote.

Manned photo flights are cheaper than drone photography.