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2013 - 2018
Louisville, KY


Aerial Southeast was hired to capture the construction progress on both the Downtown and East End Bridges in Louisville, Kentucky, which was a high-profile $2.3B project. This large federal project was on our radar for quite some time. Once public approval and funding came through, our clients, Walsh Group and Walsh-Vinci out of Chicago were mobilized and on site. We made several trips to both job sites (which was hard because….well, there wasn’t a bridge to one of them!) to check out the plans and the routes that the bridges would take.

In the beginning, we were following tree lines in the landscape and doing our best to visualize where the road would lead. Because we had two types of aircraft in Louisville, we provided both construction teams with high altitude images from the fixed-wing aircraft plus lower level shots highlighting construction from our helicopter flight. The location of the downtown bridge inside the Louisville International airspace made it illegal to fly a drone for most of the project. We scheduled our flights accordingly and shot from multiple platforms to meet the client’s needs.

Capturing the Big Picture

We captured miles and miles of new road, a new tunnel being blasted under a historic home, tie-ins to existing roads and the beautiful double span bridges being built foot by foot out of concrete. The ability to see it month after month as it comes together is a true joy for us. A bigger joy was driving over both of these bridges for the first time.

Aerial view of municipal bridges

the outcome

The client received a wide range of views that dramatically helped with both project management and public relations.

Aerial View of Downtown Bridges