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Aerial Construction Photography

Evaluating a Construction Site with Aerial Photography

Our construction photography service utilizes drones, also called unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), to capture high-quality aerial photographs of construction sites. Photo documentation enables contractors, real estate developers, marketers, and project managers to examine the different facets of a construction project — including the materials, structural designs, surrounding terrain, and numerous other milestones. Evaluating construction progress photos, you can customize the budget, estimate the duration of the project, and implement strategies that could reduce costs.

Examining Construction Progress Milestones

When viewing a construction site in progress, it’s not uncommon to create new goals, reprioritize tasks, or modify the crew’s schedule. Construction photography also enables project managers to make recommendations that could benefit real estate developers and contractors. Many engineers have indicated that drone aerial photography services help managers to evaluate unforeseen obstacles, and by viewing photographic documentation, contractors can effectively examine the crew’s efficiency, the overall design of the site, and other factors that affect progress.

Benefits of Aerial Construction Photography

When photographing a construction site, we often employ multiple drones that feature different cutting-edge cameras. By using multiple cameras, we can efficiently obtain images from unique angles — offering a broader perspective of the project. Detailed aerial images benefit engineers who regularly review the progress of the construction site, including the surrounding structures, the terrain, and the crew’s timeline. Additionally, aerial images enable contractors to examine nearby roads, surrounding businesses, a store’s accessibility, parking lots, etc. This information is invaluable for every step of the development process.

Aerial Images for Land Development

Our aerial photography services help land developers examine the surrounding area of a piece of land, including retail stores, factories, malls, restaurants, hotels, and stadiums. Aerial Innovations Southeast takes photographs while construction crews are in the process of creating new roads and outdoor facilities. For each project, we can capture detailed aerial videos that show the construction in progress, which are useful in evaluating progress or for marketing materials once construction is finished.

Construction Photography Benefits Investors

Our construction photography services enable businesses to update investors and other stakeholders. Each contractor can describe the construction crew’s progress, documentation, and other factors that have the potential to increase return on investment. According to various reports, photographic documentation can substantially augment the number of stakeholders who provide additional investments. A picture is worth a thousand words. Showing investors the progress of a building site can bolster enthusiasm during an arduous process.

Comparing Blueprints To Reality

When reviewing a project’s timeline, aerial photos are a great tool for comparing construction progress images to the initial blueprints. This enables developers to study a building’s dimensions, decorative features, various walkways, and unique designs. While studying the construction progress photos, engineers can examine guidelines or add/remove features that could optimize the structural integrity of a building.

Get a Quote for Aerial Construction Photography

If you have any questions about our aerial photography services for an upcoming construction project, fill out our contact form or call us directly. We have offices located in Atlanta and Nashville — we offer our services in Tennessee, Kentucky, and Georgia. Check out our case studies to see how our aerial construction photography can help your project.