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Drones Make Your Construction Site Safer and More Productive

The whirring sound of a hovering drone is becoming familiar in many settings. Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) can survey an area faster and more efficiently than other options. As this remote-controlled technology improves, the expanding uses of drones at construction sites will improve safety, increase productivity, and enhance security.

Using a Drone for Construction Inspection

Successfully completing a building project depends on careful inspection throughout the construction process. Before proceeding to the next phase, architects and engineers must examine each section for minor problems. Missing an issue can lead to an unsafe building and expensive repairs.

Using drones in construction allows project managers to receive an unencumbered view of the site. They can survey areas that are difficult to reach without any extra safety equipment or time delays. Drones equipped with radar, rangefinders, or infrared cameras can perform various inspection tasks.

Inspecting an area from multiple angles has the potential to provide a detailed, three-dimensional view of the site. Specialized software will then combine the video feeds and allow the management team to compare that actual site with virtual models and blueprints.

Long-term Maintenance Inspections

During an extended construction project, the project team wants to focus its efforts on moving forward. However, active progress depends on the foundation of previous work. Older parts of the project may require maintenance measures to maintain safety while construction continues. A drone inspection can point out these issues quickly, removing a significant friction point for progress.

Construction Drones for Site Safety Checks

It can be challenging to identify hazards at ground level. In addition to structural issues during an inspection, a drone can help a site manager see dangerous situations at the worksite. It will only take a few minutes to identify and address unsafe material storage, tripping hazards, and other minor problems that could cause an injury.

Using Security Drones in Construction

Unauthorized access and equipment theft are expensive liabilities that cost construction companies time and money. Preprogrammed UAVs can regularly survey the site and report any unauthorized activity. The presence of an active security precaution will discourage after-hours visitors.

Stockpile monitoring

Running short of construction materials is a frequent source of delays at construction sites. A construction drone will perform a volumetric scan of stockpiles at different points during a workday to determine if more supplies are needed. By examining the volume of a pile, managers can accurately calculate the current inventory.

Material stockpiles are also a common place for accidents around worksites. As workers add or remove items, the pile can become imbalanced. A quick inspection via a construction drone will identify the hazard.

The Best Drones Used for Construction

There are currently two basic drone models in use: fixed-wing and multi-rotor. A fixed-wing UAV has a similar design to a remote-controlled airplane and travels over distances. This design makes it a helpful tool for inspecting projects that cover a large geographic area. For example, a fixed-wing drone could survey a road construction project that extends over several miles more efficiently than a human crew on the ground.

Most of the drones used for construction will be of the multi-rotor variety. These hovering drones have four to eight rotors to keep them aloft. They provide the advantage of taking video from a stationary position above the site. However, under expert piloting, they also have the maneuverability to reach difficult spots like the underside of bridges and the tops of tall towers.

Professional Drone Services to Enhance Your Business

As UAV technology improves, the practical uses of drones will continue to increase. Aerial Innovation Southeast specializes in aerial photography and professional drone services in the southeastern United States. 

Our team of drone piloting experts can improve the efficiency and safety of your construction site through our drone inspection services. Contact us today to learn more about how we can enhance your project.


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