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Drone Surveying for Real Estate Development

Aerial Photography Helps Contractors & Land Developers

Drones have changed commercial photography. When land developers need to examine a piece of property, Aerial Innovations Southeast can facilitate the process by using drones (also airplanes and helicopters) to photograph the lay of the land. Aerial photography helps investors evaluate real estate by giving them a bird’s eye view of surrounding structures and the overall infrastructure of the area. 

Another benefit of using aerial photography to determine real estate potential is that it helps contractors negotiate budgets, set project timelines and durations, establish key milestones, and schedule equipment rentals to help maximize efficiency. Lastly, construction progress photography helps project managers, builders, and investors make informed decisions as the project unfolds.

Evaluating the Terrain

Our drone services provide detailed aerial images that highlight the configuration of a construction site. The images enable developers to examine the surrounding area, which can include sloping land, bodies of water, ditches, ravines, structures, and roads. Studying the terrain helps avoid complications down the line, such as obstacles that could impede heavy-duty equipment or other types of vehicles from reaching the construction site.

Once developers inspect the lay of the land, contractors can create distinctive solutions that help reduce project costs. Another consideration is whether or not the land needs to be altered to accommodate construction plans. In most cases, raw land needs to be modified before building can commence. Depending on flight restrictions and project details, drones, airplanes, or helicopters can facilitate aerial photography for surveying, planning, and reducing the likelihood of delays and other complications.

How Does Drone Surveying Work?

Aerial survey companies use drones, airplanes, or helicopters to capture high-quality aerial images that show the future construction site and the surrounding terrain. This enables contractors and developers to compare and modify blueprints and budgets accordingly. When surveying certain areas, they may also examine the distance between several landmarks, calculate numerous angles, establish boundaries, utilize trilateration, and create detailed maps.

Inspecting Roads and Nearby Businesses

Before a developer acquires land, they evaluate nearby streets, types of businesses in the area, architecture, road infrastructure, and vacant lots. After we complete a drone survey for real estate development, business owners can make informed decisions about potential lots, such as picking one that is conveniently located near busy roads and major intersections. A well-chosen location can stimulate a company’s growth and improve the effectiveness of local advertisements.

Studying the Configuration of a Construction Site

While we utilize drones for real estate, managers can study the movements of heavy-duty machines, the status of the project, useful materials and the frames of many structures. Consequently, the contractors could examine the efficiency of each crew, and the managers can transport certain types of equipment, bring new materials and implement strategies that could reduce expenses.

Adding Features That Can Increase the Value of Real Estate

Once you choose services that include land surveying with drones, you can take note of nearby walkways, trees, public parks, landmark features, and parking garages. After aerial survey companies evaluate the land, contractors can propose additional features to attract interested buyers. Neighborhood enhancements have the potential to augment the value of real estate.

To see evidence of how well this can work, check out our case study for the construction progress of the Volkswagen Chattanooga Assembly Plant & Enterprise South Nature Park.

Making Various Comparisons and Inspecting the Construction Site

Aerial images and videos ensure that contractors can follow important guidelines. It enables them to study local regulations that may affect construction sites and nearby projects. Along with helping real estate developers avoid an overextended budget, it lets them examine the craftsmanship and durability of each stage of building, design, and development.

How Does Land Surveying Work?

While we complete a drone topographic survey, developers examine features that may significantly affect the value of available land. Generally, you can evaluate an area’s elevation, the surrounding landscape, dense forests, and areas that have durable sediment. Once we complete a drone topographic survey, contractors are better able to estimate the value of the land, examine the difficulty of various tasks, and choose subcontractors who can reduce the project’s cost and duration.

Examining Rivers and Lakes

When our experts offer services that involve land surveying with drones, developers can evaluate nearby rivers, wetlands, sizable grasslands, and slopes that could exacerbate floods. When the drone survey is completed, contractors can implement strategies to reduce the risk of floods. Additionally, they can decide to dredge certain areas to decrease the size of nearby lakes, divert rivers, or modify several types of wetlands. Additionally, contractors can create drainage ditches that connect to large sewer systems and alter the slope of the land.

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