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The Cost-Effective Benefits of Drone Services

Historically, capturing aerial images or videos was very expensive. With advancements in technology, drone services have become more affordable and widely used, particularly in the real estate, marketing, and construction industries.

Drone Services

Drone services can capture high-quality images and videos that are cost-effective for large volumes of work. Additionally, drones can collect more high-resolution footage than other means. A drone helicopter is primarily used to cover long distances over a short period. They are also beneficial when it comes to capturing photos from remote areas that aren’t easily accessible. When it comes to durability, drone helicopters can withstand a crash with minimal to no damage.

Operating a drone requires professional expertise because its use is highly regulated. Drone helicopters require unique licensing by FAA (Federal Aviation Administration). Experienced drone operators must go through formal training and get certified before being eligible. Some of the operators’ training includes flying at extreme heights and risky regions both day and night. Therefore, operators must have insurance in addition to their licenses.

It’s critical to ensure that the drone is secure before you start flying. Certain precautions are put in place to ensure peak operation and efficiency. Therefore, you should consider the following:

  • Cost of the shot
  • Quality of the drone services
  • Appropriate license and insurance

Drone Photography Pricing

The primary reason aerial drone services are more common is that you don’t compromise quality over cost. It allows you to capture captivating moments from unique perspectives at affordable rates. In most cases, prices vary between $70-$250 per hour. However, this price range can fluctuate for various reasons, including:

Job type

Aerial photography jobs vary depending on skillset, equipment, and time required. Basic jobs that can be completed within a few hours and only need one pilot are relatively cheaper, ranging from $200 to $1,300. On the contrary, specialist drone jobs that require a significant amount of time and multiple personnel to complete are more costly. This type of work requires more expensive equipment with rates ranging from $2,100 to $5,400.

Drone model

The model and make of the equipment affect the cost of drone services since operators purchase drone gear at high price points. A high-end drone model produces better resolution and higher-quality images and videos compared to cheaper drones. Prices for higher-quality drones vary between $660 and $3,400 per hour. However, there are relatively more affordable models that also produce quality photos.


Aerial drone photography rates are set by the hour. Some drone pilots consider half a day or a full day if the amount of work is vast. Hourly rates are inclusive of the travel time it takes your operator from one location to the next. Therefore, when you hire a pilot, it’s essential to take into consideration travel time in addition to capturing shots.


Location will significantly affect drone service pricing. It’s more expensive to use drones in metropolitan areas because the cost of living is higher. The government also requires operators to fly in certain areas. In these locations, the prices may range from $680 to $750. In non-metropolitan states, the average cost is $465.

Permission level, personnel required, and experience

FAA has strict safety rules and precautions for operating drones, especially when flying over cities. Permission-associated costs affect the overall price of hiring a drone photographer. Additionally, the number of personnel required and the number of monitor operators, pilots, and runners also affect drone rates. The nature of the work will determine the amount of personnel needed. With experience comes more demand and higher rates. Experienced drone pilots will charge more than new drone operators just entering the market.


If you request your drone operators to edit your videos, drone service pricing will increase. Post-processing services include anything from color grading and video stitching to voiceovers and adding music. On average, operators charge $150-$450 per minute to provide a professional finish on images and videos. Additionally, videos are slightly more expensive than images.

Drone Services at Aerial Innovations 

Using drones to capture aerial photography or video is always a wise investment. Hiring a professional drone pilot who has experience is a bonus. They are cost-effective, high-quality, and convenient. Although a few factors can affect drone pricing, the high-quality results are always worth it. If you’re interested in aerial drone services for your next project, get in touch with us today.