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Using Drones In The Construction Industry

The popularity of drones and drone hobbies have grown exponentially over the years. More and more people are using drones each day for a multitude of reasons. Aside from flying, racing, and photography, drones are beginning to make their way into industries we never thought they would. One such industry is the construction/real estate industries. 


In this industry, the need to visualize the project site is higher than any other. Drones allow stakeholders, contractors, and developers to survey the site to help plan for the project. Most of the time, a drone led survey takes much less time than a manned survey on the ground. Implementing drones for aerial construction photography projects will decrease cost of labor as well as avoid potential hazards that come with a manned survey. 


Similarly to surveying, using drones to inspect high risk areas can save you time as well as protect your employees from entering a dangerous scenario. Drones take photos and videos from a safe distance and tend to offer a better view of the surrounding area. It keeps workers out of a hazardous work environment and allows for perspectives not attainable by human inspectors.

Progress Reporting

Drones offer an excellent point of view for project progress reports. Many developments conduct a monthly progress report on their projects so stakeholders can see how it’s coming. Drones can get above and along the sides of a building to take photos and provide an aerial view of how the development progresses. Using a drone for this task will allow for a faster monthly report to be completed and shared with the necessary audiences. 

Promotional Content

Without promotional content it would be next to impossible to promote your project or get people interested in whatever it may be. One of the best ways drones are used in construction is for taking photos and videos of a development or project. Most of the newer drones on the market have the capability to shoot in 4K HD. This capability allows for crystal clear photo and video content that can be tailored to any medium. 

Remote Monitoring

The small size and maneuverability of drones makes them an ideal medium for a high risk inspection. A pilot could fly a drone through a hazardous building or work site while inspectors watch through the camera feed. This practice eliminates the need for an inspector to enter a high risk area and allows them to work from a remote location. 

Orthomosaic Mapping

Orthomosaic mapping is the process of flying a drone back and forth over a work site to take photos for creating a map. This provides an overhead view of every part of the site with true dimensions so that distances can be more easily conveyed. It also provides a better sense of the surrounding areas than if you were to walk around on the ground. 


Drones have become increasingly important in the construction industry. With their ability to easily map a work site, capture content, execute inspections, and keep workers safe, they have become a key tool in any developer’s arsenal.

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