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How to Use Drone Photography for Social Media Campaigns

Have you explored the benefits of using drone photographs for your social media marketing campaigns? If you haven’t, you should consider it. According to Nogentech, 91 percent of businesses use videos as a marketing tool, and social media marketing campaigns do better when photographs and videos accompany them because viewers can readily see what the post is referencing. After all, the old adage is true. A picture does have the ability to say a thousand words. Of course, since so many companies use photographs and videos, it’s important to set yourself apart. Let’s look at how drone marketing in your social media posts and advertising campaigns can help your business stand out.

How can drone photography enhance social media campaigns?


Using drones in advertising can help increase interest in your social media posts. This is because potential customers are more likely to pay attention to social media posts that contain images and videos. Previously, companies hired airplane or helicopter pilots and photographers to get those shots. Today, drones can take images, and with the proper drone footage, you could set yourself apart from your competition by providing unique shots that are more visually appealing than traditional photographs.

What are the benefits of using drone photography in social media marketing?


Using drone photographs and videos for your social media marketing campaigns can help attract new clients by giving them alternative views of your properties. Drones can take aerial shots of the entire outside of your property and get specific angles that wouldn’t be possible via other means. This is beneficial for construction companies that want to show off their finished buildings. These real estate agents wish to provide photos of the entire exterior of a home, and marketing agencies that want to level up their advertising by providing aerial photos of their client’s properties and events as well as the nearby areas.


  • You’ll provide your viewers with exciting and dynamic visuals to entice them to learn more.
  • You’ll be able to showcase residential and commercial properties in their best light.
  • You can use drone photographs to highlight the best features of an area or building.
  • You’ll be adding high-quality visual content to your social media campaigns that will entice people to interact with your post and make it more likely to be viewed by additional people, which increases your potential audience.

How can drone photography create a unique and captivating visual experience for social media audiences?


If you’ve ever flown in an airplane, you know that the view from the air differs from that of standing on the ground. Urban and rural properties look organized and well-laid out. It’s easier to see how the roads and highways help people get to the places where they are going, and you can easily see the patterns created by the cities, roads, highways, and fields.


On a smaller scale, drones can help showcase the entire layout of a property, including all the landscaping features and how it fits with the building and the neighborhood. It’s also easier to showcase everything that surrounds the property. For example, if you have a home near a body of water, you can more easily highlight that body of water in relation to the home or business.


Once you have those photos and videos, you can create posts and advertisements that highlight those images. Suppose you’re trying to sell a house or entice vacationers to rent your property for the weekend. In that case, you’d want to include photos of the interior and exterior of the property and everything that’s within view of the property. Then, you’d write a post or advertisement highlighting the area’s benefits The words along with the images can help entice potential buyers and vacationers to ask for more information through the comments or with a direct message.


Types of Businesses that Benefit from Using Drones in Advertising


Many different types of businesses can benefit from using aerial photography for drone advertising. A few of those businesses include construction companies, real estate companies, vacation property owners and landlords, hotels, resorts, restaurants, property management companies, and marketing agencies. Incorporating drones for marketing can help these businesses elevate themselves above their competition because they’ll have advanced photography that gives a better perspective of their properties and projects so that they can show and tell the whole story to their prospective customers and clients.

Drone Marketing Images from Aerial Innovations Southeast


If you’re looking to elevate your social media marketing campaigns and set yourself apart from your competitors, consider incorporating aerial photography from drones. Using conventional means, drones can provide your business with high-quality images and videos that wouldn’t otherwise be possible. At Aerial Innovations Southeast, we offer aerial photos and videos using drones. We can capture close images of the ground and elevated images that can help increase the effectiveness of your social media marketing campaigns to give your clients a better view and perspective of your properties.

To learn more about our drone videos and photographs, contact us at 615-650-2002 to reach our Nashville office or at 770-986-0333 to reach our Atlanta office.