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Drone Videography for Event Marketing

Drone videography is an engaging way to capture video footage at events. Drones are unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) that come equipped with high-definition cameras that allow you to photograph or film your event from an aerial point of view. Historically, drone videography was only used for aerial photography. Nowadays, it’s becoming increasingly common to capture different perspectives for event marketing. Here are some ways to use drone videography for marketing your next big event. 

Social Media 

Drones are becoming increasingly popular for event marketing, brand awareness campaigns, and product launches. Drones can be valuable for creating videos to post on social media, including YouTube or Facebook Live. These devices are a great way to promote your event. When people see a bird’s eye view of the venue using aerial videography, they’ll be more inclined to attend. You should partner with a company that specializes in creating drone videos for social media during events that also offers video production and photography services to ensure everything is taken care of before and after the event.

Website and Landing Pages

Drone videography is a new and creative way to showcase your event. Using drone footage to create a specific landing page for your event or simply showcase some of the videos on your website will help attract more customers. Using drones can increase the number of attendees at an event because it makes people feel like they’re there even when they can’t attend the event physically. 

Suppose someone knows about one of your conferences via social media but couldn’t attend. Then they receive a video from one of your speakers giving a presentation at the conference. In that case, this will encourage them to purchase a ticket and attend the conference in person.

Newsletters and Digital Ads

Historically, drones have been used to take photos and videos from high altitudes but are now being utilized for other purposes. Many businesses are using drones to create digital ads and newsletters, one of the significant changes in the digital advertising world because of the use of new technologies. 

Drone technology was previously intended for military operations and disaster relief efforts. However, advancements in technology have made it key in businesses. Videography marketing is one use of drone technology. With aerial shots, businesses can provide a unique perspective to their customers to showcase their products. Drone videos have an edge over traditional photography because it gives more depth and heighten creativity behind marketing strategies. Drones have also revolutionized newsletters by allowing them to be made in real-time.

Sponsorship Acknowledgment 

Sponsorship is a way for businesses to align themselves with brands they want to represent. Drone videos are becoming popular in this industry because of the unique perspective they offer and how you can use them to thank sponsors. This type of acknowledgment can benefit the sponsor and the business being sponsored, making it a win-win situation. 

These videos’ effectiveness is enhanced by drone videos being easier to create than using helicopters or real people to capture shots. Therefore, drones are more cost-effective for companies. Drone videos are also less challenging to share online, increasing the potential to reach broader audiences.

Drone Advertisements

Drone advertisements are an innovative way to get your message across to customers. Drones can fly over crowds and various other landscapes, enabling them to reach places that cars or people can’t. They can also carry more weight than a person, allowing them to haul heavier objects like banners, billboards, and large signs. 

Some people think this is an invasion of privacy, but others see it as another way to advertise their business. Individuals have relied on traditional means such as television commercials and radio spots to market their products for many years. With the use of drones, many can now reach people in an entirely new way. 

Drone Videography at Aerial Innovations 

Our Aerial Innovations Southeast team of professionals possess expertise and years of experience in drone photography and videography to help grow your business. If you’re looking to use drone services for your next project or event, get in touch with us today.


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