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9 Essential Tips to Improve Your Aerial Drone Photography

If you’re an aspiring or experienced drone photographer, some drone photography tips can help your aerial photography stand out. There’s a lot of truth in the idea that practice makes perfect. While some people are content to fiddle with their drone images, these tips can significantly impact your aerial landscape photography quality. Capture the best drone images by practicing the following drone tips.

1. Transform Empty Landscapes Into Aerial Drone Photography

Even when staring at a blank landscape, there’s always some potential if you know where to look for it. You can start by searching for an object that seems out of place in the landscape. Then, you can transform it into the focus of your drone photography.

Using the rule of thirds, you can divide the image into nine separate parts. Then, you place the unusual object in one of the intersecting points. To make the object more noticeable, you can accentuate the colors from your aerial shooting when you process the final image.

2. Get the Best Drone for Aerial Photography

While the right tips can make a significant difference, the best aerial photography relies on having good drones. Before you practice these drone tips, you should purchase the best drone for photography. The DJI Mavic Air 2 is an excellent option if you want to spend less than $1,000 on a drone while the DJI Mavic 3 is worth checking out if you have a larger budget.

3. Practice Flying

Most people want to immediately start taking photographs when they become interested in drone photography. You should do your best to resist this urge. Before you can use drones for photography, you should focus on learning how to fly the drone properly. You should also pay attention to the weather because windy days can easily mess up your best drone images.

4. Understand the Location 

As a drone photographer, it’s easy to develop tunnel vision. Once you focus on a specific object in aerial landscape photography, you can quickly become fixated on it. To prevent this from happening, take some time to survey the entire scene whenever you arrive at a new location.

5. Learn About ATTI Mode

If you spend time aerial shooting, you will lose your GPS signal. When this happens, the drone will switch to ATTI mode. In windy weather, this can lead to drifting. The drone pilot must know how to adapt to ATTI mode to prevent crashes.

6. Experiment with Different Settings

One of the most beneficial drone photography tips is to practice using different settings. Oftentimes, it can take a while to get them just right. If you have an excellent gimbal, you can try using a lower resolution. Otherwise, you should use a wide zoom and the best solution possible. Plus, you need to test out different zone settings and frame rates. 

7. Plan Ahead

Even if you have the top drones for photography, you won’t be able to fly your drone on a windy day. Before you head out, you must check the weather forecast. You should also consider the location of restricted areas and airports to fly your drone safely.

8. Use Google Maps to Find the Best Locations

One of the best aerial photography tips is to use Google Maps to find new locations. Google Maps allows you to quickly get a satellite view of different landscapes in your area. You can save time by using satellite footage for research when you’re trying to find the best aerial landscape photography locations.

9. Test Different Angles

Aerial drone photography allows you to take the same photograph from different angles, which is a significant benefit when using drones for photography. Once you find the right topic, try taking photos from different viewpoints and angles. If your first image was taken from above, try taking pictures from the side instead.

While these drone photography tips can help you get started, there’s no substitute for practice. Over time, you will improve your drone photography results by practicing the right aerial photography tips.

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