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The Benefits of Investing in Stock Photography for Visual Content Creation

Do you have a stock of preexisting photography that you can use for your business? Marketing stock images can help you easily find photos for your blog posts, website, social media posts, presentations, business reports, and advertising and marketing campaigns. Let’s look at how creating and keeping a cache of digital stock photography can help you.

What is Stock Photography?


Stock images are a cache of photos you have on hand to add visual interest to your website, blog posts, articles, advertising, and marketing campaigns. You can find stock photos in the public domain or as part of a stock image subscription service. You can also get stock content photos by hiring a photographer to take specific images, like photos of the interior and exterior of your business or properties.

What are the Benefits of Using Stock Photography?


Using stock photography for your business offers numerous image benefits, including saving you time, money and hassle. This is because once you have a cache of images, you won’t have to hunt across the Internet, looking for images in the public domain, and you won’t have to scour image subscription websites or hire professional photographers every time you need images for your website, blog, advertising campaigns and social media posts.

Choose from a Variety of Stock Photography


There are a plethora of stock images available online. They can be found on various free image websites, like Pexels or Unsplash, where the photos are part of the public domain. They can also be found on subscription websites, like Shutterstock, iStock, and Adobe, where you purchase each image you wish to use or subscribe to a monthly plan that allows you to download a certain number of photos per month.

Get Professional Quality Photos


Stock photography is often of professional quality. This means that experienced photographers with professional equipment took the photos. Then, they made those photos available as either part of the public domain or as part of the stock photo subscription website service.

Ensure Legal Compliance


It’s important to note that images are either part of the public domain or must be licensed. Images in the public domain can be used for free for anything and can be altered. Images for sale or licensed can be royalty free, editorial use or rights managed. Rights-managed images mean that the buyer must list how they plan to use the image, which can include how many copies of that image they plan to create. Editorial use licenses mean the image, brand, or logo can only be used as part of a news story and cannot be used for advertising.


Royalty-free licensing means that once the image is purchased, it can be used for anything. This is how most stock image websites work. You’ll pay a one-time fee for the image. Once you download it, you can use it for any purpose, including advertising and marketing. For most stock image purposes, you’ll want royalty-free licensing.

Having a Cache of Stock Images Is Convenient


Once you have your cache of stock photography with the appropriate licensing, you can search through those images and choose the ones that best fit your current project. This can save time and money because you already have the images downloaded, and you don’t have to buy more images or hire a photographer to create new images for every blog post, newsletter, or advertising campaign you wish to create.

How to Build Your Cache of Content Photos


The first step to building a cache of digital stock images is to consider the types of photos you need. This will depend on your industry and the types of content that you produce for your advertising and marketing campaigns, blog posts and social media posts.


Next, take a look at the free image websites. There may be a few images that you can download and use for your needs. However, the options can be limited. If you can’t find free stock images, you’ll probably have to search through some subscription-based stock image websites. Subscription-based photo websites often have a larger cache of images for various industries.


Lastly, you can ask a professional photographer about their royalty-free stock image services. A photographer may be willing to do a photo shoot for you for a fixed fee and provide you with stock images.

Getting Professional Stock Photos from Aerial Innovations in Nashville, TN


If you need stock aerial photos, we have them at Aerial Innovations in Nashville, TN. We have an existing inventory of creative aerial photos, areal photos by location, feature galleries, and galleries featuring photos from various industries, like construction, public projects, and transportation. In addition to our stock photography, we offer aerial photography and video services, drone and video services, and ground photos and video services.

To learn more about our photography services and how we can help you get the stock photos you need for your business, call us at 770-986-0333 or contact us online.